Saturday, June 21, 2014

We Interrupt This Blog for a Beer Commercial

I resist advertising on this blog. It's annoying and it oft times gets in the way.

I don't begrudge others in their attempts to generate vast sums of revenue via advertising on their blogs.

It's just something I will not up with put. (To paraphrase Sir Winston...)

But beer commercials are an exception. Especially if they are clever or they induce a ROTFLMAO condition. This one fits the bill...

On both counts.

H/T to Facebook buddy Chris J.


  1. I'm gonna give it an 8 chuckles out of a possible 10!

  2. Replies
    1. Details...

      (Not yet, now I feel as if a challenge has been offered! But I might have to go to Australia to try it...)

  3. That was good, admittedly. But ya gotta get up waaaay early in the morning to beat yer average Guinness commercial.

    1. And you'll get no argument from me on that score.

  4. We are always open to try something new. I hope they caught those bad guys (my son is a cop). Beer is good. Vegetarian, natural, hallucinogenic.


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