Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Tell You What...

So Juvat had a great post on Monday, a metric crap ton of hits on that. Sometimes we get one over the fence.

By we, I mean Juvat.

Lately I have felt as productive as Big Papi in April. No disrespect intended towards the big man, he just doesn't really take off until the cold weather fades.

Heh. Just last Saturday The Missus Herself and Your Humble Scribe were remarking on just how warm it had been lately.

Monday the bottom fell out and the temps went from 80ish down to "Holy crap, who turned the heat off?"

The first June of our sojourn here by the shores of Narragansett Bay we were a bit surprised to have temps in the 50s and 60s and rain. Lots of rain.

Not Texas Oh-My-God-Should-We-Be-Building-An-Ark rain but sufficient to make us think we had never left Germany. (Where you could tell it was summer because the rain was warm.)

Here we are, 15 years later, having a very similar first week of June.

Rained like nobody's business Sunday night through Monday and Tuesday was a drizzle fest.

So let me tell you, I ain't feeling the blogging thang. No sirree, not at all.

Yeah, yeah, I know I gave the Muse a couple of days off but damn, didn't expect her to come back this hungover. Poor kid, looks like she had a good time though.

I almost suspect she'd been hangin' with Juvat. Given how great his Monday offering was.

So, enough whining about the weather, truth be told, I'm feeling a might lazy tonight*. So while I binge-watch old TV shows online, you get my mindless ramblings.

Yeah, yeah, I know, how's this different from any other day?

Oh, one more thing, ESPN, y'all off the Christmas card list. Damn, you people have no sense, no sense at all.

Whatever it is now, it used to be an Olympian.

But seriously? Hero? Inspirational?


Not at all...

Dang! Who's butt do I need to kiss to get some sunshine around here?

*This was written Tuesday night, published on Wednesday morning. Time travel can be confusing, I know.


  1. I'd say you're getting some of the weather we've been getting here in the midwest for the last
    two months. I'm sitting here listening to the latest storm grumbling just just to the north and
    waiting for more rain. We have puddles in some areas of my yard that have been there so long
    that there are tadpoles growing in them! But I won't complain too much because we've only been
    on the fringes of what Texas and Oklahoma keep getting, thank God!! As it says in the Good
    Book, "And this too shall pass."

    1. I thought this latest storm had a Texican accent.

      I actually saw the sun peek through on the way to work Wednesday AM. Clouded right up again but it's supposed to move out sometime today.

    2. Sun was shining just a moment ago. I was amazed.

    3. While I never want to ask the Big Guy to stop the rain, thankfully we've had 4 or 5 days without. Furthermore, for the first time in a long time, my stock ponds are full. The interesting thing was they filled up after a comparatively mild rain storm. The ones that caused the floods (way down river from us, thank you Lord!) just seem to soak the ground. I guess the ground was just really, really, REALLY thirsty, but finally drank enough.
      So, the sun is shining, the humidity is high and the mosquitoes are ferocious. Otherwise known as Summer in the Hill Country of Texas.

    4. I have heard of summer in the Texas Hill Country.

      I fear 'tis a thing to be avoided if possible. How does it compare with summer in Biloxi? That I've done.

      Not for the faint of heart. Especially if you abhor sweating. (I try to avoid that but don't mind sweating if'n it be necessary.)

    5. While I was in college, my Dad was stationed at Columbus AFB MS. I would paint houses when I went home during the summer. I learned a bit about sweating during that period.

      The humidity isn't that bad here, but it is hotter, so what humidity there is goes further. Or seems to. Since I work IT, I'm usually ensconced in a very well airconditioned room, so when I step outside, it may just seem hotter, more muggy.

      The mosquitoes, on the other hand, really are voracious this year. My son and I went out shooting using the stockpond walls as a berm. Got back to the house and knew I'd been bitten, so got the Wife to apply some benadryl to my back. She stopped counting at 50. Note to self, stay away from the stockpond for a while.

    6. Man, you're lucky they didn't carry you off! That's a lot of skeeters!

  2. Heh. I distinctly recall May snow storms (described by the natives as "Mother Nature's Fertilizer") when I was stationed in Newport and Halifax.

    1. My neighbors have mentioned a snow storm or two in May. They are long time Rhode Islanders.

      I flew over Halifax in late May coming home from Germany. Could see ice along the coast not too far north of there!

      The Northeast has "interesting" weather.

  3. Agreed on the ESPN thing. Absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Remember, it's always darkest before the tornado.

    Since I don't televate I have no idea what crime espn perpetrated. However, as they are merikin media, I'm sure I wouldn't be surprised.

    The prairie toad tadpoles in the playas are just SLAUGHTERING the skeeter larvae. :)

    Channeling my hero Rodney King (I'm with on RK). "Can't...can't we just put some tadpoles in the media pond?"

    1. Hahaha!

      You always have an interesting take on things, Shaun.


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