Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bounty Hunting in the South Seas

F/A-18F "CAG Bird" of VFA-2, the Bounty Hunters.
Call sign Bullet.
My daughter The WSO used to be assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron Two, VFA-2. While that squadron wasn't her first, it was perhaps her favorite. She still has friends in that squadron, I still have friends in that squadron (I got to spend a day at sea with a few of them aboard USS Ronald Reagan).

While I have shown quite a few aircraft videos here in these spaces, this one is special. While in those other videos I knew people like the ones in the video, this time I actually know quite a few of the guys and gals in VFA-2. The first one in this video, which was brought to my attention by his Dad (Big E), is a pilot with the call sign BTM. He's been mentioned before here, a really good stick and a really good kid.

Watch and enjoy, these kids make me proud.

Get some Bullets, you all rock!

For interesting historical information on VFA-2, known a LONG time ago as the Flying Chiefs (the pilots were enlisted), see their website here. Yes, there will be more pictures from Sandy Eggo but I wanted to share this video first. I love these kids and what they do for us.


  1. I saw the KFir and immediately thought of Lex. . Awesome video, that really looks like fun. Thanks for putting it up.

  2. Cool video. Blood pressure is high as I did the M1 GLOC prevention maneuver while "flying" the Air to Air fights. My cardiologist thanks you.

  3. Sarge, although VFA-2 is BTM's first fleet squadron, I think he shares The WSO's feeling in that he really likes the Bounty Hunters - she had something to do with that when he first joined. BTM is currently training to be a FAC(A), first doing the JTAC ground training portion at Twenty Nine Palms.

    Not sure how you all keep coming up with material, but enjoy the blogs!

    1. A FAC(A)! Awesome, he's following a proud tradition in that endeavor. I wish him all the best. BTM is a good man and a great stick, he'll do well I think.

      Between the three of us we have over 60 years of military experience so we have a lot of material to draw from. Everyday life yields good material if one is paying attention.

      Thanks Big E!

  4. What is the deal with lowered tailhooks in flight?

    1. Most likely dropped in the overhead stack awaiting their time to land. You do it early so you don't forget. But it is also done for the pictures. When you got 'em, flaunt 'em!


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