Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Day

1 January 2016
Every new year starts the same for me. I get up grumbling, wondering what all the fuss is about. It's just changing the numbering of the year, gotta change the calendar. New Year's, bah humbug.

I know what the problem is, December, my favorite month, is over. The Christmas season, my favorite holiday, is nearly over. In some people's minds, it's already over. Not for me, not until Epiphany has come and gone.

Of course, the first of January also means that my company's Christmas break is nearly at an end. While I don't mind my job, after all it is interesting and pays pretty well, it is still, after all, a job. Something I must do, something where I have to march to someone else's drum. Even after 24 years in the military that's something I find hard to do. My Christmas vacation is coming to a close. Monday it's back to the grindstone.

I watched this mourning dove for quite a while today. He was not enjoying the wind.

Then three of his buddies joined him. Things are always better if shared with others. Even trying times can be tolerated, as long as you're not alone.

This chicken was outside with her buddies for a while. The others decided to head back into the coop. This one, like me, is stubborn.

The sky was gloomy today, no matter where you looked. Kind of matched my mood.

To the northwest...
Over the shed...

To the northeast...
Mrs. Olde Vermonter gave us this ornament for Christmas, intended for the garden, not indoors. So in a way, it will always be Christmas in our backyard.

The waterfall is shut down for the winter, only the "bubbler" is active. (Keeps the water oxygenated for the fish, who will sleep until spring.)

It looks rather barren on this winter's day. My heart yearns for snow. (My back does not!)

The red leaves of this Japanese dwarf maple are long gone. Spring is a long way off.

I wonder what this new year of 2016 will bring? More trouble in the world no doubt. Babies will be born, people will die, life on this world will go on. Another Christmas will come, one day will follow another, soon I'll be complaining that it's too hot.

But that will be a while.

Until then, we shall wait and see. And take each day as it comes.


  1. 2016! A new year for plotting revenge!

  2. Nice pics but a bit of gloom there and I wonder what the wire is for in the final picture...have you got some sort of bandersnatch coral going on or do you have flying fish that you think are sleeping in that water hazard?
    Happy New Year!

    1. It was awfully gloomy on the 1st, the 2nd (so far) is glorious.

      The netting over the pond is to keep the waterfowl out in late fall and early spring when they're migrating and looking for a quick meal. They have been at the pond in the past and ate their fill. The net actually works.

  3. The pagan in me says the first day was December 22, the modern civilianized part of me recognizes January 1. I'm so cornfused!

    Enjoy the fleeting hours of your freedom. And snow? Be careful what you wish for...

    1. Yeah, snow. I actually need it, helps my psyche, gives me something to bitch about.

      The kids once gave me a matching coffee mug and tee shirt, logo was "If I'm not bitching, check my pulse."

      My kids know me very well.

    2. "If I'm not bitching, check my pulse."

      At least they didn't get you one reading, "Keep hearing people talk about what they're gonna do when they retire. Me? I'm gonna have to work till lunch the day of my funeral".

    3. When people at work ask me what my retirement plan is, I tell them, "Two guys and a gurney to haul me out of the lab when I collapse at the workstation."

      Though I hope to make it past lunch that day...

  4. Well the "Wait and See" didn't take long. TriCare Reform seems to be in the works.

    1. Well, if they improve patient care and streamline the bureaucracy that will be good. But Congress is involved, you just know they'll eff it up.

  5. Well, from some of the comments you can tell it's January 2... hahahah/
    My comment is, So far, so good.

    And I have somethin' to bitch about.
    Go see it.
    There's pictures now.

    1. I see they let the idiots out to play in your town today.

      My posts typically get written one day and published the next.

      I have trouble remembering which tense to use at times.

      Makes me tense at times. ;-)

    2. The idiots are out every day.
      We just don't always get to enjoy their actions.

  6. A bit of a dreary post, but 2016 has plenty to look forward to. It's about the journey, not the goal line. Sure, there's a bunch of stumbling blocks along the way, but I never expected an express train.

    1. I am kind of excited about a number of upcoming events.

      FWIW, the 1st was a very dreary day weather-wise. The weather definitely affects my moods.


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