Sunday, November 27, 2016


I am weary to death of politics, of current affairs, and all of the trappings of the modern world. I don't care that some aging old Commie has died. I don't care who Trump intends to appoint to his Cabinet. I do care that the progressives won't just fire truck off and die. Their day is over and done. They have done serious damage to the Nation and they've been sent off.

Just go already.

The world seethes with forces determined to destroy freedom and force us to think as they demand that we think.

While waiting for everyone to get ready on Thanksgiving morning, I turned on the television, thinking perhaps to catch a bit of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Within moments I was treated to political correctness and a lifestyle which is increasingly being shoved down our throats with demands that we "accept" this behavior as "normal."

It it not normal, it has never been normal, and it will never be normal. I don't care who you sleep with, I don't care how you feel about yourself and how you "identify." Truly I don't, but I will never accept such behavior nor will the majority of the planet. It's just the way things are and no amount of safe spaces or cry ins will change that.

I am nearly done with koobecaF. I enjoy the news of a friend getting engaged. Another friend celebrating the birth of a first grandchild. Friends telling the tale of their child taking their first steps, that is what interests me. Not some nonsense about politics or what windmills Colin freaking Kaepernick is tilting with. Only a pampered nitwit would think to defend a Communist monster.

KoobecaF might go by the wayside soon. It troubles me to see friends insulting each other over something as filthy as politics.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the season I enjoy the most is here. I look forward, as I always do, to time spent with family and friends, celebrating the birth of our Savior. I do not plan to waste time commenting on politics. It could happen, but don't expect it.

I dare say I look forward to The Second Coming.

This old world has perhaps seen enough of human grief and indifference to what truly matters.


It's time for a new age to begin. I'm tired of the old one.

Peace be with you.


  1. And also with you! ( Kneejerk reaction for a Lutheran. Part of the call and response at the end of the service. Pastor: Peace be with you all Congregation: And also with you!" )

  2. Great post, and one I'm heartily in agreement with.

    I've been done with FF for quite a while (the second F stands for that thing you call koobecaf. I'll leave it to you to determine what the first stands for.)

    I also agree with the whole sleeping thing. I don't care. I think it's wrong, but I'm not the judge. You can explain your actions to him when the time comes.

    Which brings us to the recently deceased. Again, I'm not the judge, but based on my beliefs concerning his laws, Fidel's in a very warm place now.

    Watched my first pro football game in a very long time on Thanksgiving. I didn't miss much in my hiatus. Think I'll go back to not watching.

    Merry Christmas, Sarge!

    1. "FF" - I rather like that.

      I do believe we're on the same page in many areas. Not a big surprise.

  3. Scott already took away my first thought, which is not exclusively Lutheran.
    I shall continue to fire truck with FF because I refuse to let myself be sucked into the abyss that is politics.
    Good post here, again, Chris!
    All the best of the season to you.

  4. I punched out of FF a couple years ago. Immediately after that, I had more time to do things I enjoy. That's a win!

  5. Happy Advent, Merry Christmas, thank God for all that is, and is to come!
    Thank you for a lovely post.
    I have been hitting the block button on FB so often it smokes, and my feed has settled into much more quiet (although there is more to come.)
    Each of us must determine what we can and will bear, and we should feel free to block anything in any facet of life, which doesn't lead to joy and peace in God's plan.
    So enjoy the season...always. God bless you one and all.

    1. I am slowly winnowing out the political stuff.

      Grandkids, cats, and dogs. That's what I like.

      I count my blessings everyday.

  6. Click the upper right hand corner arrow thingy and then choose to "see no more from this site." Eventually political comments begin to disappear.

  7. The only reason I have cable TV is it is bundled with my high speed internet. Weeks go by without the TV being turned on. Loath the ads. My tech friends talk about something called TiVo. I hear a requirement to learn new ways of molesting electrons. No thanks.

  8. I love watching the Macy's parade, on the original 'Miracle on 34th Street.' I refuse to watch a parade with more production numbers than the whole Wagner's 'Ring' series. And more overblown than that idiot dwarf could ever dream.

    My wife and I love watching the Rose Bowl parade. Real floats, real marching bands (especially the combined Marine Corps band) and they actually talk about the floats. We usually watch it on the House and Garden channel (bundled with my internet.)

    As to everything else, it is all 'Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing' as Shakespeare said. If he was writing today he probably would have said 'SSDD' or something equally vulgar and mundane.

    Never touched Farcebork or any other mainstream social media. Too many ways it could be used against me, as I worked for a government agency. I find that calling people and actually talking to them, or writing a letter, to be much more fulfilling.

    Enjoy the Advent season. May you and yours have a wonderful season of hope and rebirth. (And same goes for all y'all readers out there!)

    1. Thanks Andrew, the best to you and yours as well.

  9. Since us kids were inveterate package shakers, my Dad had a flash of brilliance one Advent in the late '60's. He said that Santa had an elf, the Advent Elf, watching us, and if we left the tree alone, the Elf would leave us a small gift for us at Advent Sunday breakfasts. It worked quite well, and was a yearly ritual until Dad went to his reward, in 1996. I think I shall leave for work early, tonight, and stop at WalMart, and buy me a Matchbox.

  10. With you Sarge, and ahead of you. Took the FB break over 2 weeks ago and while I lurk on my wall and still participate in my photography groups - I'm off it. Just need the break and it may be permanent. Like you - just populating my FB Wall with the things I love and slowly tuning out and turning off the things I don't. I've been a political wonk since I was 9 years old - and I'm done as well. Happy Advent my friend. May the peace of the season fill us all with more joy and less angst.

    1. Thanks Kris.

      More joy, less angst, I'm all for that.

  11. I'm with you on KoobecaF. Well, maybe a little ahead of you. They suspended my account some time back and would'd let me come and fix what they said was broken. I guess I could have gone hat in hand to beg them to let me back. Instead I decided I was done with them, and haven't really missed it.

    I'm with you on being tired of politics. I've spent most the day avoiding Twitter, talking head shows and reports of dead Cuban dictators and live liberals. Gives me something else to be thankful for.

    1. Twitter. I've wandered over there from time to time, just can't get into it.

  12. From time to time it is restful to consider Psalm 46:10. Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

    At least I find it that way. We watch almost no TV but enjoy NETFLIX and streaming Amazon. I look at my FB every six months or so for a couple of minutes and then abandon it for better things. I keep an eye on politics only to the extent of finding things about it to laugh at. Dinner with friends yesterday and NOT ONE WORD of politics. Dinner with other friends the night before and not one peep of politics. It was restful. We watched college ball and I got what I wanted so I'm happy.

    1. Now that is a great Psalm. (It's also quoted in the movie Zulu by Colour Sergeant Bourne.)

      I avoid TV but devour Netflix. I keep my hand in on koobecaF for the grandkids and the cat pictures.


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