Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, That Was Fun...

No Man's Land by Maurice Galbraith Cullen (Source)
Well, I went and did my civic duty last night after work. It reminded me greatly of one night at YHA London St Pauls. There was absolutely nothing on the evening menu which tickled my fancy. In fact, of the three choices on the menu, all were something that I would actively avoid if there was so much as a crust of stale bread readily available. Which there was not. As the meals were already paid for by our group, I soldiered on and picked the fish filet. An English chap of my acquaintance said, "Just drown it in vinegar mate, you won't taste the fish at all."

So I did. (Since that day I have learned to enjoy various fish filets. Filets mind you, I can't tolerate the bones as I live in fear of choking my life out at some public venue after dining on some poorly boned denizen of the deep.)

Anyhoo, with one exception, there was nothing no one on the menu ballot that I particularly cared for, with one exception. A female colleague of mine had decided to run for town council this year as an Independent. She's a smart lady and I know her. She also has a real job and has never run for office before (to my knowledge). So she fit the bill. It was all the rest on the ballot that I had to choke down my righteous indignation and "dammit, just pick one." Well, there was one "Choose any 5" option, I could only stomach four, so that's all I chose. Rules be damned and the devil take the hindmost.

Of the numerous ballot measures (things we get to vote on, not people), there was one I actually supported. Have to say though, that I was stunned that we needed this particular measure on the ballot. That measure was to restore the Ethics Commission and make the state legislature subject to its authority by amending the State Constitution. (When did they get rid of that? Why?) I wholeheartedly approved.

Ethics? Legislators? Not a natural match. We'll see what this Commission (if approved) will accomplish. Seeing as how this is Little Rhody, I doubt it will amount to much. But I remain ever the optimist.

All of the other measures were along the lines of "approval of a bond for a bazillion dollars to fund insert the latest cause célèbre here" - I invariably vote "Reject" on those type measures. Knowing full well that my fellow Little Rhodians will overwhelmingly approve them all, not really understanding that "most of this will be funded by Federal money" really means that everybody in the US of A will be chipping in to buy and build that fancy fire station in Bumfudge, South County that will service 50 homes. I exaggerate, but not by much. (Apparently the average Little Rhodian thinks that "Federal Funds" grow on a tree out West somewhere and that Little Rhodians don't actually have to pony up any dough. Perhaps they don't actually file a Federal return. Well, I do. And I don't want to pay for someone else's stuff. So there.)

I'd like to say, "I'm glad that's over," but in reality I'm not. It feels like we put forth the same clowns, from the same two circuses, every election and nothing ever really changes. I am giving serious consideration to forming my own political party and running for President myself next time.

Then I'll sober up and forget all about it.

The Rethuglicans and the Demo-rats are ruining the Republic, and what does the Vox Populi say?

"What's a Republic?"

Hello, hello. Is there any intelligent life left on the planet?


  1.'s Russian Roulette with a revolver then...well at least the Press will return to their jobs.

    1. I'm pretty sure they'll relearn it over the next 4 years, and then conveniently forget it the next time a democrat wins.

    2. We shall see, won't we?

      (I'm hoping they get back to basics, ya know, reporting the actual news.)

  2. I got off work Tuesday, went and voted, went home and showered because I felt unclean after voting, and went to bed. At work this AM, a Security Guard and I had the results on the TVs in the lobby, and NBC announced the Trump won PA, and then the they announced the WI went for Trump, and the UPI had announced that Trump had gotten his 270 needed to win, so it was Badgers that put him over the top. We shall see if we did such a good thing when we did that. I sure hope so. But at least now it is Russian Roulette with a revolver, and not an automatic, as it would be under Hillary Clinton. The next year or so shall be very interesting.

    1. I am breathlessly awaiting who The Donald appoints to his cabinet. That could be a sign of things to come.

  3. "we put forth the same clowns, from the same two circuses" I think the winning clown came from a different circus under an old name. Hopefully everyone will be welcome under the tent and the new clown will surprise everyone in a good way. THe flowers on the old clowns lapel always squirted water in your eye.

  4. The voters stuck a finger in the eye of all the gubmint and media experts of the world (rather like the Brits did with Brexit, hey wot?).

    I don't care who ya are. That's funny right there.

    If I can go out with a smile on my face, like Georges Blind, maybe that's enough.

  5. My family always discusses the full ballot in advance, so that any unknown issues can be addressed or explained, as needed. Judges here in Alaska are appointed, but then must stand for reelection to remain on the bench. Most of the time, we leave those blank, having no idea whatsoever whether each one is good or bad at their jobs. There were five or six choices for President, four for U.S. Senate, and six for the U.S. House (for our sole seat).

    By and large, we managed to vote for the winners in most of the races, excepting only the Senator. Our RINO appears to be returning to D.C. Dang it.

    1. Once again I stepped to the fo'c'sle and micturated into the wind coming over the bow.

      As in, I cast my vote in one of the most determinedly liberal states in the Union and was unsurprised that my vote counted for naught.

      Drop of water, meet the ocean.

      Still, it could have been worse.

    2. Li'l Rhody and the colossus of the West Coast are quite similar in that the outcome of almost any vote outside of local elections are pretty much a foregone conclusion.
      I voted anyway.

    3. Roger that. It's all we can do.

    4. < I stepped to the fo'c'sle and micturated into the wind coming over the bow. >

      I hope your opposite half wasn't too upset when you came home. Or did you shower first?

    5. Or should I have said shower again?

  6. I've said it before, you got my vote!!!

  7. My take on this election is that far too many folks make it out to be an all or nothing thing.
    I fault the "special" interest groups for creating that atmosphere for their constituents.
    The press didn't help because there's no longer any profit in being reasonable.
    ...and social media eats its young.

    Thank you, Sarge, for providing this forum so I don't have to spew on my own blog.

  8. ...looking at the Colorado results... If the Libertarian Party voters had gone Republican, Colorado would be a red state on the state results maps.

    But, nooooo. They had to cast their "protest" votes. Good job, people. /sarc off

  9. It's unfortunate that there's sometimes little organized opposition to the tax measures because the ones supporting it have far more money than taxpayer advocacy groups. And the measures are deceptive.

    1. And the one's supporting it are usually the beneficiaries as well.


  10. I have very little expectation this election will turn out well for this country, and hugely hope I'm wrong.

    Trump may turn out to be a good president, but all I've ever seen in him is an immature self-glorifying carnival barker. Maybe he'll grow into the job, but in my experience once you get beyond a certain age, you're pretty much what you'll always be.

    I felt the same way about Bush 43 after his election, but although I saw Bush as an empty suit, some things gave me hope. He had overcome substance abuse problems, which showed inner strength. He had a reasonably bi-partisan record as Texas governor. His father did well enough as president. If he relied on his father's counsel and advisors, perhaps things would be fine.

    After Bush's unnecessary Iraq misadventure cost us 4000 dead and 40,000 wounded (plus many thousands more with PTSD), I have sad and unsatisfied vindication in my instincts. Earlier, if Bush had taken SOME action when warned on August 6, 2001 of bin Laden's determination to attack us, instead of spending most of the month "clearing brush" in Texas, maybe the 9/11 attack could have been prevented, but we'll never know. That attack and its aftermath brought us to where we are today. It didn't have to be.

    Trump concerns me even more. He knows zip about government, diplomacy, and international affairs. He has few close long-term confidants knowledgeable of those arenas. He often blows off good advice. He demonstrates an unstable temperament. In short, he worries me more than Bush did sixteen years ago.

    Trump is a bully. Instead of ingesting criticism like an adult and using it to improve, he strikes out, attacking critics any way he can. Can his advisors restrain him when tense international situations develop? The "finger on the nuclear trigger" meme is overused, but there are many crises short of WWIII his rashness could "trigger."

    Trump is prone to saying things that defy common sense. As long as he sticks to the message on the teleprompter he can do OK, but you can't live life in front of a teleprompter. Negotiations call for tact and the right mix of caution and boldness. All I see in Trump is recklessness. He called "passionate" men who beat up and urinated on a homeless man while yelling "Trump was right." Did he eventually condemn the attack? Maybe, but that should have been his first reaction. He denied knowing who David Duke is when records show Trump was quite aware of Duke.

    Ditto regarding his links to organized crime. He has publicly rubbed shoulders with mobsters: he denies it. The FBI, according to the Wall Street Journal, warned him about mob connections as he considered getting into Atlantic City casinos, telling him there were better ways to invest. He did it anyway, yet claims, “If people were like me, there would be no mob, because I don’t play that game.” Does he actually believe that? I'd feel better if he did NOT. At least it would show he's not delusional.

    I try to believe we can do all right with him as president. I want to believe it. But I have no confidence in it whatsoever.

    1. I don't believe even half of what the media tells me, either slant.

      We shall have to wait and see on this Presidency. Only time will tell.

    2. It's not what the media say, it's what he says. He's prone to shooting from the hip, and that method's usually inaccurate and prone to "collateral damage" as the saying goes.


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