Saturday, January 21, 2017


Friday was an off day for me. Not off as in "didn't have a good day" or to indicate something wrong, as in "this milk is off" (which sadly enough it was, morning coffee was disappointing), but off as in "I didn't have to go to work."

While I am never sad to not go to work, after all, as interesting as it can be at times, it's still work. As in, not fun, as in, yes, I would rather be doing something else. But that something else seldom pays very well. If at all.

The one fly in the ointment of the three day weekend was the necessity to get up earlier than usual, not "get up to go to work" early but "get up to go to church" early. (Though not to go to church, just get up at the same time as I do on Sundays. Which is 0830 for those keeping score at home.) The latter is 150 minutes later than the former. Both being earlier than "get up when I feel like it." So my Friday would not be a total leisure day, the trips to the dentist, while few and far between (normally every six months for a cleaning and a check-up) do have to occur. This particular visit was for a perceived fault in my chewing equipment which my dentist wanted to repair.

Having had more than my share of tooth aches in my day, when the dentist says, "we need to fix that," then I comply. A minor fix but a needed fix.

While fully prepared to go to the dentist at the not unreasonable hour of ten in the AM, I was not prepared for the idiot computer generated messages which came in on my land line at 0245, then again at 0415. While I am no expert on the law, I do believe that these type calls are patently illegal at certain hours. I'm quite certain that the wee hours of the morning are well outside those legal bounds.

The message was some rambling diatribe about medication not being covered by insurance blah, blah, blah. Totally irrelevant to me and completely non-applicable. My doctor's office and my insurance providers actually employ people to call me during normal business hours should there be an insurance problem or some other thing which requires my attention.

I realize that as I get older there are folks out there who prey on the elderly. They send them bogus magazine subscription requests which are boldly marked (in red) "SECOND NOTICE" on the envelope and is really a solicitation to buy their magazine. Not an indication that a payment is overdue. But if you make it look like an overdue bill some folks will just pay it, assuming perhaps that their spouse ordered that magazine.

The scammers will also have their computers call you to tell you that the IRS is "filing a lawsuit" against you or some other type nonsense. Which if you just call some number and pay some fee can be handled without the necessity of going to court.

How quaint, the IRS suing people over the phone. Yeah. Not.

Personally, for those who do this sort of thing, I think slaughter after a long period of torture is appropriate. The Missus Herself will often chide me for my instinct to go "a viking" on these sniffers of feces by saying, "they're just trying to make money." My protests that bank robbers and drug cartels are also trying to "just make money" echo in the air to no avail.


Went to the dentist, got the work done and got home and went through "the overnight mail" as Buck liked to call it. (Check comments on the blog, run through the blog favorites, and check koobecaF.)

After doing that I glanced at my timepiece and realized that the inauguration was not fifteen minutes away. So Mr. Computer was put into sleep mode and I sallied forth to the salle de TV. Switched on the set to see Chuck Schumer speaking, as he's not one of my favorite people I almost switched off the set, then Mr. Schumer began to speak of Sullivan Ballou (a gentleman we have met before in these spaces). I have to admit, I was impressed, my estimation of Mr. Schumer went up, considerably I must confess.

At any rate, when he was done, the new vice president was sworn in, followed by the new president. I have to say, it felt odd seeing Donald Trump up there. Odd indeed. But I truly liked his speech, thought it was apt, and necessary. After his speech, the singing of the National Anthem and the conclusion of the ceremonies, I switched off the set, but not before seeing Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama both stop to greet Bob Dole, a man I have a great deal of respect for. That was a lovely and fitting end to this transition of power. The end of one administration and the start of another. Peacefully. Something many nations don't get to experience in their time.

We do. Frankly, we do it pretty well, all things considered.

I'm sure some of my more liberal acquaintances will be rending their garments, gnashing their teeth, and wailing (oh dear Lord, the wailing) for the next few days as they have been for the last few days. So being out of work on Friday let me escape the last minute hopes that the Trump Presidency could be averted, yes, that was mentioned more than once last week.


Well, snowflakes, I had to grit my teeth and soldier on for the last eight years. But I did, the man chosen to be President back then was not my choice, but he was my President. Now Mr. Trump is our President. If you don't want that, leave, the exits are clearly marked.

It's time we all grew up.


By the way, that clock in the opening photo was a Christmas gift from The WSO. I like it. A lot. Here's a picture of the clock, in context if you will -

The opening photo was Friday morning. The photo above was Friday evening.

A lot happened yesterday. But it happened peacefully. So let's move on, together.


  1. I agree, the feces sniffers should be prosecuted and be severely penalized. Track them down and lock them up. The charge? "Clearly and with no reasonable doubt intentionally fooling the old and or slow witted." If there is no such law, make one, and quick before I start to fall for these clearly dishonest scams.

    I would hope that our new President will be given a chance for at least two years. Then if he is all the evil things people have assigned him to be, vote out the Republicans. In the meantime, keep an open mind. President Obama left and complained that the Republicans did not "cooperate" with him. I thought that was an interesting choice of words. Not "refused to negotiate" not "fought tooth and nail against" but "did not cooperate." I'm sure Trump does not expect "cooperation" but will work to negotiate and give and take a bit...its called politics. Cooperate is for your High School Principal or your friendly neighborhood dictator. It's kind of a nice word for "Obey."

    1. Cooperate is a synonym for obey in their book.

      I like that he trashed the bureaucrats in DC, time to let the people run things.

  2. Listened to the inauguration coverage on NPR as I drove south to a quite pleasant rendezvous.
    The next campaign begins soon.

  3. You, forgot, Kings don't like folks looking over their shoulders. Businessmen even less. The people around him are the same ilk. Representative democracy means we are the boss of those representing us. I just hope they keep the same openness of government. But not getting on that one. But, it was nice to watch the every four year revolution happen.

  4. Nice picture of part of your home. If the rest of it is as nice, and I'm sure it is, you have a very nice home indeed.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Thanks Paul, we like it. The Missus Herself is a superb decorator.

  5. That is a fantastic clock. Takes me right back to the old Navy Exchange at Pensacola.

    Is it true that hillary formally started her campaign yesterday?

    1. Love the clock.

      Shrillary?!?! What is this, Night of the Living Dead III?

    2. If she does, there should be an unfettered investigation into her "sins" en toto.

    3. Trump has registered his motto for 2020, "Keeping America Great!"

      Bring it on, Haggatha. Bring. It. On.


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