Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weather and Science. No, Not at the Same Time.

Last Saturday
This Saturday
Something I used to hear when I was a kid was, "Don't like the weather in New England? Wait a minute, it will change."

Well there ya go, photographic evidence.

Though I should have held a newspaper up in the photo with that day's date on it. Though I suppose that could easily be faked with today's technology. For instance, here's a photo of my driveway in 1857...

Nah, I just pasted that newspaper in there.

Or did I?


Oh, one last thing. ColoComment left a link to a Tube O' You video in yesterday's Lego post. As I am a fan of both ColoComment and the guy who did the video, I reproduce that for you here. It's relevant, educational, and humorous. All things I am in favor of.

Without further ado, why does it hurt so much when you step on a Lego?

Science. I love it so.


  1. 1857 huh? You were just learning to drive a buggy at that time... amiright?

  2. 32 MPa is about 4600 psi.

    I didn't like SI units in college. I didn't have any frame of reference. My head is still calibrated in Imperial units. Amazing video. Thanks for the info!

    1. My head will always go with Imperial units. I thought the video was pretty cool. You will see Simon around here again methinks.

  3. Really!
    Is it necessary to know why they hurt?
    That makes it no less painful and only fills the had with information that must then be purged at some future time.

  4. It's really nice to see that the coneheads remain so completely assimilated in modern society. I know, I'm a turble person...

    I wonder what people complained about stepping on before legos were invented?

  5. PrairieAdventure, I remember stepping on my sister's jacks. Caltrops for the modern age, and just as painful.

    1. I entered my response then came here.

      Seems I could have saved myself some typing.


      Jacks, as I recall, were far more painful than Legos. Then again, it was all such a long time ago.

  6. I get the flak about being so old, I was on the Ark!

  7. Thank you. High praise indeed.


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