Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lies, damn lies, and leftists.

Sarge lets me post on here whenever, and if I ever, get the itch to actually sit down and write something.  I just don’t have the time or the itch very often.  And what I think about writing I’ve probably already written, at least if it’s something with a political bent.  My thoughts, feelings, and anger are still the same as ever, although I do taper down the anger a bit.  I’ve gone from pissed off during the Obama Administration, to reserved frustration and a sense of futility with those in power on the left now.  One of those head-banging moments came recently with a old high school friend posting yet another item about someone on the right doing something that offends her sense of political right and wrong.  A post that was not only out of context, but completely lacking truth.  I don't have time to engage her on every one of these, especially since it doesn't work, but the frustration has built up to the point you have me here today at the Chant.  Man, I really need to remember more sea stories!


I admit, I have a little feeling of intellectual superiority over those on the left.  It’s not that I find them stupid, but there is definitely some ignorance on their part.  They don’t know what they don’t know, and ignore or stubbornly refuse to listen to the facts surrounding an issue, the secondary effects of a policy or decision, or past history.

For example, the Vietnam War was tremendously unpopular, and protests were rampant, calling for the US to end the war and pull out.  America was tired of the war, wanting to stop future killing, and end the images of our dead plastered on the nightly news.  But for all the hope for peace, there was little of that following our withdrawal.  Following our retreat, it’s estimated that 350,000 to over 1 million Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians were killed.  America didn’t care about people getting killed, only that it wasn’t American people getting killed.*

Image result for Killing ISIS

Pulling out of Iraq?  The power vacuum that left led to ISIS and the murder of over 18,000 Iraqis, 36,000 wounded, and 3500 captured into sexual slavery.**   

These are unfortunate truths that the left doesn’t want to learn, acknowledge, or accept as painful results of their decisions.   Are there more?  Of course, and we’re reminded every day when we see a push from the left for social policies.  Welfare, in all its goodness, perpetuates itself for far too many.  The lack of incentive to improve oneself and the cut in benefits if one does, is another ignored truth. 

Image result for gangland chicago
From a 1931 legend on a map of the Chicago Gangland     Pinterest

The left wants to take the moral high ground?  How’s that working in pure Democratic-led bastions like Chicago?  They don’t want to talk about how the availability of birth control and abortion has led to the complete break down of morality and the family structure.

Speaking of families, how about the Brit medical service tearing one apart?  I feel sad for little Alfie Evans, and the supposedly intellectually superior physicians carrying for him, up until they didn’t.  They diagnosed him with a degenerative disease, and pull him from life support, assuming he’ll die within minutes.  They starved him for a day before realizing they were wrong.  They believed it was far more humane to kill him through starvation than letting the condition run its course. 

Kids dying in schools?  Tragic, but somewhat misplaced anger on the part of the kids and the left, trying to stop it through a gun grab.  How about youth (and adult) deaths due to preventable car accidents?  Far more due to cell phone use than some psychopath coming into a school.  Where’s the walkouts to stop people from distracted driving?

Constant and ever-present shouts of racism from everywhere?  That is getting so tiring.  We are one of the least racist societies on the planet, with laws prohibiting it, and a preponderance of evidence that it isn’t, including the acceptance of interracial marriage, and a two-time black President.  Racism is the boogeyman for Dems, perpetuating the fear of it to distract some of their base from the truths mentioned a few paragraphs back.

The video jumps to the conclusion

Voter ID to prevent voter fraud is racist?  Then so is checking out a library book, getting a drivers license, opening a bank account, getting welfare, buying booze, and getting a job.  The left needs to maintain the fear of racism though to enable that voter fraud they desperately need.

Some other inconvenient truths:

Remember Trumps tariff on solar panels?  That’s because Trump is an environmentalist.  It will spur solar panel manufacturing here in the US where we actually have, and care about, environmental controls.  The left wants to believe they care about the environment, but the anger over the solar panel issue is more about hating Trump than anything else.  Ok, calling Trump an environmentalist is a huuuuge stretch, but the secondary effect of that tariff can’t be ignored.

ISIS is nearly defeated.  Can’t argue that one so they stay silent.

Image result for korean peace

Korea nearly at peace?  Trumps rhetoric and aggressive stance towards them seems to be working.  It will be nice to save a buck or two on defense in the region.  We can use the get-well money.

4.1%  That’s the unemployment rate.  Lowest in a helluva long time.  We’re also seeing the lowest ever recorded for Blacks and Hispanics. 

Caravan of asylum seekers at the border?  Didn't they avoid the gang violence once they reached Mexico?  If we allow this, that'll open the floodgates to every illegal, they just have to ask for asylum. 

These are things that the left either doesn’t want to talk about, or will skew and spin to distract their base from the truth, and to keep hold of their base.  Without it, they don’t have much.  Expect more cries of racism, sexism, misogyny, Russian meddling, and trumped up buffoonery for the next couple of elections.

As a Catholic, one of our Sacraments is Reconciliation- going to confession.  It’s hard to do sometimes, none of us are perfect, and baring our soul can be painful.  The pain is released though upon completion.  The left could use a little of that.

The truth will set them free.



  1. Too many on the left seem to have a stronger belief in the power of government than a belief in God. Getting tired of the constant screeching coming from that side of the political spectrum. The left seems ignorant of the consequences of "Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War". Agree with you all through this post Tuna, save my place of refuge is the Episcopal Church(we seem to kneel more than you.... getting more difficult on these old knees....chuckle).

    1. Unfortunately the leftist surge has taken over the Episcopalian churches near me, with many of the congregation fleeing into the less-left Catholic churches or just quitting going to mass completely.

      In my area of the woods, the Episcopal bishop and priests would fit in well with many of the Church of England over in England, you know, the ones where they believe God doesn't really exist (hey, at least the Pope only said Hell didn't exist, kinda.) And where Jesus was a bigot for not including women or homosexuals.

      Uh, yeah. I used to be an altar boy at the base chapel when I was young. Every few weeks getting up early to do morning day mass, getting a note to get out of class to serve on Holy Days. I was really into the whole Roman Catholic thing. Until the leftists started in with their whining and taking over. I find that my image of religion doesn't match well with what is in church these days.

      Doesn't help that we have a commie pope. God, I miss the days of JPII and Benedict. Or Urban II, or Julian...

  2. You don't post much, but when you do, it's well worth the wait.

    Couldn't agree more, on all points.

    Bravo Zulu Tuna!

  3. What you fail to understand, is just as all the high unemployment, racist discord and problems in the mid-east and other areas during the Obama presidency were the result of Bush's policies, the current low unemployment, reduced crime rate, defeat of ISIS potential peace in Korea are all the results of Obama's policies finally kicking in.

    I know this is a fact, because they tell me so every minute on CNN.

  4. Well said Tuna, well said. I've been thinking along the same lines for quite a while but am not eloquent enough to have put it in words. Think I'm going to bookmark this one and pull it out regularly for rereading.

  5. Thanks all- to those who have and will comment. Super busy day today at work- running the 3 day conference I've been planning all year, so I won't be on here the rest of the week most likely. Sarge- loved the paintings on Sunday. Definitely showed a complete oxymoron- the "beauty" of war. Tongue planted firmly in cheek there of course. We document the horrors of each war in their own way of the times. Too bad the mad men who start wars don't pay attention.

    1. Hear, hear!

      Good luck with the conference-thingy, I'm sure you'll survive.

  6. I can but echo what those who commented above wrote.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  7. I have always wondered why the Left is so powerful until I had a realization this week.

    The Left is like Europe. All rules apply to the peons, not to the nobles. And they are... The Borg. Various parts of the Left act seemingly independently, some way violent, some way wacky, but all parts are still firmly connected to the Collective. The Over-Mind. (insert scary '50s sci-fi B movie music...)

    Those on the right are the USA-ers. They are individuals who grudgingly gather for only limited times for limited and focused purpose. It's why it is hard to get a group of us together for little things. And why, like Trump rallies, we come together for important things, like NRA meetings, and then quickly scurry off to our own individual corners.

    The great Socialist Amoeba (that causes societal dysentery) doesn't want to rile the anti-body right-wingers. Oh, no they don't.

    1. The left in this country likes to point to Europe as examples to follow but fail to point out the European failures such as Communism, Fascism, Socialism, ethnic cleaning, open borders, immigrant "refugees" and so on. You're correct on the Episcopal Church. The hierarchy went left-leaning thirty years ago, now more and more ministers reflect that and they're not above espousing their views proudly, as a badge of SJW-ism. The left doesn't want people to judge unless it's in their accepted views on everything.

    2. It boggles my mind when Priests say God is non-existent. What the heck? That's right up there with teachers who don't.

  8. well said Tuna! You expressed my frustrations perfectly!

  9. Even though I am a somewhat sinister person (e.g. watch on right wrist) I appreciate the venting. So right on. So correct. Talking to a lady here in the condo last night about some of this and she was determined to convince me that everything on FOX and the internet was a lie about Clintons, etc. "You couldn't POSSIBLY believe any of what they say - could you?" Well I do. And I will for the time I have left. Just need to try to convince some that its is actually important.

  10. While the well-deserved defeat of the ISIS is all fine, there is no denying that underlying problem - Islamic fundamentalism using violence - will reemerge sooner or later. There are over billion muslims on the globe and it takes only 1 per million to form 1000 strong core force that can be expanded when it finds weak or ungoverned space.

    And then there is Shia variety, thriving on Iran's "arc of influence form raq thru Syria to Lebanon. Israelis are pretty sure that after dealing with last of Assad's Sunni foes, they will look to Israel as main target, and all signs are predicting it can end with massive war not seen since 1973.

    And then the Chinese upped their rate of threats towards Taiwan per month. Seems they feel confident enough now they can launnch invasion with reasonable chance of success. What is Mandarin for Sealion?

    Voter ID is great idea, but then you have to state issue one for every voter for free, and mandatory. Can't think of more leftist sounding words.


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