Sunday, May 13, 2018

She's Not Just Another Girl

Les Roses - Pierre-Joseph Redouté
To my Mom, and to all the mothers out there...

Happy Mothers Day, may you spend it surrounded by love.

Your sons and daughters adore you...

"Passing Thing"

She's not just another girl, she is from another world.
Bringing tidings of love and joy, not to just another boy.
She has got an angel's face, she is in, not out of place.
In this winter she was spring. Mom, you're not a passing thing.

Ce n'est pas une fille quelconque, elle arrive d'un otre monde.
Apportant la belle saison, amour et joi a ce garcon.
Elle a un visage d'ange, avec elle tout s'arrange.
En printemps elle change l'hiver. Maman, tu n'est pas ephemere.

Written by Jimmy Seals


  1. Happy Mother's Day - World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - Official Video

  2. Might be the toughest, not sure there, but definitely the most rewarding!! And my favorite of all the jobs I have ever had.
    Call your Mom, and tell her you love her. Talk with her for a while. Best gift you can give!! Time!!

  3. Call your Mom...While you can. Best gift you can receive.

  4. To all the Moms out there..... enjoy your Day!

  5. Been out of town, visiting my Mom. Hope the Mom's out there had a great day!

  6. "...Mom's..."


    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt


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