Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happiest of New Years to the staff and readership of Chant du Départ

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Good morning everyone.  Tom here (aka Tuna).  Sarge was airborne during the change of years, so I thought I'd take the liberty and wish you all a Happy New Year.

I started last year with a post about resolutions.  Those didn't fare too well, as I still read the comments on blogs and facebook posts (Trolls are evil), I haven't lost much weight, but I have lessened my addiction to facebook.  WRT that one, I've learned to tune out the garbage (unfollowing some folks), and reduced my political rants (at least there- can't say the same for here at the Chant).  I've also tried to lighten up around here, at least recently.  Will it continue?  Jury is still out.

2018 was up and down in the Tuna household.  We accomplished a wonderful 25th Anniversary trip up the Rhine River during a fabulous cruise, but also struggled with some health issues within the same household.  There's a very bright spot on the very near horizon with that however, so we're happy and hopeful.

Tuna and the missus on that cruise
Work was good, but always a challenge.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm making a difference and actually accomplishing anything.  Apparently I am however, because I still seem to get paid, so that's a bright spot.  I expect more of the same in 2019 as MIW (Mine Warfare) for the Navy is always last to the trough, yet we aren't starving.  Ok, maybe we are, but that means I'm still employed.

Bests of 2018?  Definitely that cruise, which I highly recommend.  Best movie?  Toss up between Dunkirk and Bohemian Rhapsody.  The latter was just last week so it's more on my mind.  It was a two hour phenomenal concert that was also great show.  See it when you can if you haven't already.

Best photo I took?  How about this one?

Got a bit of sunset, which I love, and nautical, which is just cool.

Although this one was very much lauded on my faceybook feed:

TV?  Probably Ozark on Netflix.  Dark as hell, but it really draws you in.  At least it did for me.  The Crown and Daredevil also captured my interest.  Network TV?  I know I watched some, but none of it was memorable.

Music?  Discovered this and lost track of how many times I listened to it.

Hopes for 2019?  Happiness, health, and a home.  Yes, that last part is kind of cryptic, but maybe I'll share more on that later this year.

As for your resolutions, may they be lofty, easily achieved, well accomplished, and to the benefit of others.

I truly hope the new year brings you happiness, prosperity, love, and whatever else you might need.  

Tuna out!

Post script:  Turns out Dunkirk was a 2017 movie. Oh well.


  1. Ya Tuna, Happy New Year and good health to you and yours. Hmmmmm....more hints from the command staff........

  2. 2 great political/military series on Netflix from Norway .....Nobel and Occupied

  3. Thanks gents. By the way, my apologies to Sarge for messing up the blog title. I couldn't figure out how to get the flying comma (you might call it an apostrophe) over the e in Depart.

    1. I typically use Google translate to get it. He's got the alt codes in the sidebar, but it's just easier to get google to do it for me. Luddite? Why yes, when it suits.

  4. Thanks for covering me Tuna!

    I deleted the comment made by some jerk, took all the comments in reply with it.

    Er, is it just me that can't see the pictures, save the first?

    1. I thought maybe my eyes had gone wonky like yours, but apparently the remaining photos didn't load, or Tuna's showing us the inside of a blizzard in Germany, in California, in...

      Dangit. I do like reading the arsehole comments before they get deleted, but I am glad you deleted them. Bad arseholes aren't allowed to play here. Only good arseholes...

    2. I'm not seeing them either.

    3. Photograph casualty! Repair Two provide!

    4. No issues with the pics here, but it often happens with certain browsers for me. Thanks for taking care of the spammer cleanup on aisle six.

  5. A Good New Year to you chaps and your loved ones. Resolutions??? Pah and Pish to resolutions!

  6. Happy New Year to all!
    Hoping for a healthy and happy 2019 for each of us.
    I can't see the photos either.
    I can't stand trolls!

    1. Maybe a different browser will help.

    2. It's not the browser, I think it's a permissions problem.

  7. Tuna, if the movie is new to you in the year, no matter when it was released, then it counts. My philosophy, as I do not tend to go to movie theaters.

    And Happy New Years to y'all and y'alls out there in Chantelandia

    1. I did spend hard earned cash in the theaters for Dunkirk, and it was worth it, but I forgot how long ago that was! I hear that Eastwood's Mule is worthy as well.

  8. Happy New Year to Tuna, and to everyone else!!

    And, no, I can't see the pictures except the first one either...I just figured it was me...but I really like the first one...very pretty!!

  9. Happy New Year to one and all. Happy to read that it isn't my new computer not showing me Tuna's pictures. My this year be the best one yet for all of you and our country as well.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  10. And not only that Felix Navy Dad guy, but his buddy, Prass Pero Anyo just showed up!

    And best wishes to all for the future.

    I cleaned my glasses a couple of times, but no photos.


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