Saturday, January 12, 2019

Time Flies...

On this date, forty-one years ago, The Missus Herself and Your Humble Scribe became as one.

We were married in a city which in days of old was entered by gates through the city walls, that photo depicts one of them. I vaguely remember riding by that gate in a taxi. It had been a long day: up at the crack of dawn, a bus ride to Seoul, and then a few hours spent traipsing about various Korean government and American military offices to complete the various pieces of paper which would satisfy the authorities that we were serious about this marriage thing.

Which we were, at least it seems to have stuck - if forty-one years, three kids, and four grandkids are any measure of a successful marriage.

I don't know how I was so lucky to win her affections. Let alone maintain them these many years.

Not sure where I'd be without her, I know I don't want to find out.

So, y'all are on your own this weekend as I am downing my virtual quill until Tuesday. Talk quietly amongst yourselves, perhaps Beans will be by (he's become something of a celebrity in my view of the blog world) to regale us with his excellent views on Constitutional matters and the like.

He's quite good at it.

Though he is rather shy and reserved in these spaces. (Yes, of course I'm kidding.)

As for the rest of you - behave, be nice, and don't break anything.


  1. ".... behave, be nice, and don't break anything."
    I'm not sure I can work under those impossible conditions!

    I'm fairly sure being an active duty sailor was one of the reasons my wife agreed to go out on our first date.
    She has mentioned thinking that if it didn't work out, all she had to do was wait and I would be leaving for an extended time anyway. Sigh.

    It is neat to find the footprints of commenters on other blogs.

    Philly weather.
    I did notice the inverse relation between my preparations for snow and the predicted accumulation.
    As of this morning, NOAA says less than half an inch and the test run of both the snowthrower and the generator is completed.
    I'm still ready with milk, (powdered) eggs, (fresh) and bread, (frozen) just in case the French Toast and snow thing happens.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Weather calamity = French Toast prep. Good to see you're prepared John.

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Wishing you many, many more.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Life is truly blessed in a relationship with the one you love, but, it takes work too! Jeanie and I tied it up in the Protestant Chapel at George AFB in July of 1965, I went to Korat that August. What a babe-catcher that blue uniform is!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and the Missus Herself. We/I shall be here when you return.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  5. Hey Old AFSarge;

    Many Congratulations on 41 years, y'all have gone where few have gone...Marriage despite being in the service and staying married. Also making it past the 7 year, 10 year, 20,30 and 40 year mark. My hat is off to you...shows the youngsters what marriage is suppose to be like where 2 people face all adversity together and make something good out of it. Again many congratulations!!!

  6. Happy anniversary! I've seen many go down the tubes, and a few that made it last. Even fewer without troubles, but some of the very best marriages I've ever seen are inter-cultural when both sides know what that entails. And that includes Yankee and Southron! :q

  7. Congratulations to you and the Missus!! May you have a bunch more years to celebrate. Enjoy your weekend.
    We will be here when you get back :)

  8. Congratulations on 41 years.

    As to not being able to keep my mouth shut, well, that's what got me into this predicament, and all of the fights and some of the firings in my previous life (not all the firings were actually my fault, but a few were.) I'll try to toss something up on the board for tomorrow.

  9. A belated congrats to your better half and you Sarge. Forty one years is an accomplishment. Early Saturday morning suddenly got hectic and the ole memory isn't what it used to be. May The Missus and you enjoy many more!

  10. Aw, I'm so darned happy for you two!
    It's a l o n g road, and you're still traveling it.
    Happy, Happy anniversary!

  11. Thank you all. A very good day, a good movie and a good dinner with a great woman. Can't ask for more.

  12. Congratulations! DW: That blue uniform can be a guy-catcher too, my wife was an AF nurse when we got married :-)

  13. I'm late to the party seeing how I already missed dinner and the movie, but Happy A-Day nevertheless! 41! So far so good. Think it'll last? ha!

  14. May I express my happiness for you and The Missus Herself and wish you sincerest congratulations. Like you, I am sure that I would be in a much different place without my bride of almost 42 years - and while our spouses have quirks that we complain about from time to time, I am extremely lucky and grateful that she came into my life!

  15. Congratulations to you both, Sarge & commanding officer! May you have a pleasant & unmarred anniversary, and many more to come.
    --Tennessee Budd

  16. 41 years! Two people with common goals and values. Hope you have many more.

  17. Once again, thanks to all. You folks make this blogging thing worth doing.


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