Monday, November 23, 2020

Operation OVERLOAD (Phase 2)

 The C-in-C has spoken.


Operation OVERLOAD (Phase 1) has met its objectives.  Any remaining objectives have been turned over to the REMF's1 for completion at a later date.

Phase 2 will now commence.

At precisely 0600/11/23/2020 LST2, all available forces will descend on the target area.  Intel describes this as a 20 year old manufactured home, recently abandoned, although the former residents are in the near vicinity.  


Seize the structure, eliminate any intruders who may have established an outpost there.  Once the objective is securely in friendly hands, efforts will commence to render it livable once again.  Limited demolition of damaged, worn out, or downright smelly, portions of the structure is authorized.  


Available Forces 

1 ea Mrs J (NATO/US equivalent rank -O11) C-in-C/Force Commander
1 ea  juvat (NATO/US equivalent rank -E1) Lackey first class
1 ea MBD/SIL (NATO/US equivalent rank -O-3) reinforcement if available . 


1 (newly paid off) Ford F-150 
1 Ford Transit Connect.

 Specific Tasking

1) Remove any remaining personal items from structure.  Apply extreme discretion on the intel or personnel value thereof.  Destruction/disposal is preferred.

2) Remove textile floor covering as well as padding underneath.

3) Investigate flooring underneath for strength, identifying any structural damage needing repair.

4) Evaluate capability of existing forces to remove the ceramic tile floor covering.  If feasible, proceed.  If not feasible, report issue to force commander and standby for further guidance.

5) Time frame to completion- two weeks.

6) Preemptive Naproxen use is authorized and encouraged.

Commander's guidance.

Failure is not an option.  Go forth and do the Lord's work.

I'm gonna be busy for a bit.

For those of you who haven't been following the "Travails of juvat" postings for the last year or so, and therefore don't understand the OpOrd above, let me bring you up to speed.  We've built a new house on our property, closed on it September 31st.  Have been unpacking, installing, ordering and generally settling in since.  We've still got stuff to do in that part of the plan, but the next phase of what we're doing on the property is starting.  Our previous home, a manufactured home, will need to have work done on it to make it livable again. We're going to replace the carpet, and potentially the tile flooring, with vinyl flooring.  In between removal of the old floor and installation of the new, we'll fix any structural flooring issues.  I'm pretty sure there are a couple of spots that will need help, I just hope they're not too serious. Once the structural renovation is complete, my sister, who also lives on the property, will move into the house with her two dogs.  Since she's still working, the already installed doggy door which   allows unassisted access to the fenced in yard should improve quality of life for all three. The fact that it's 3-4 times more sq ft than her current small cottage, should make her quilting hobby a lot more enjoyable also.

Phase three will begin once phase 2 is complete. (She's moved in.) That will involve renovating the small cottage.  The flooring will definitely need replacing at a minimum.  Once that's completed, we'll add it to our listings on AirBnB and VRBO as a guest house.

Ain't retirement fun?

And just think Sarge...

Shamelessly lifted from BarbaCat.  If you ain't reading her regularly, you're missing a real treat.




1. Rear Echelon Mother... well, you know the last one.  AKA your's truly. The Murphy Bed project is on hold awaiting parts.

2. Lex Standard Time


  1. My ex was a hoarder, and managed to turn the house into a television show worthy pile of crap in the years we were separated. Remodeling the "prize" I received in the divorce required removing the flooring, except the ceramic tile in the kitchen, repairing damaged sections of flooring, and replacement. Some cabinets required repair, which was more tedious that expensive, but after painting, the house fetched the price I wanted.

    You'll find the stud walls probably have a 1 x 4 at the bottom, instead of a 2 x 4. With the numerous staples holding the walls down, you'll need an oscillating saw to cut under the wall in order to push floor decking under the plate. Cut smaller pieces, so you don't have to wrestle a large section into place. The sub-floor is probably 5/8 OSB, and full of long staples. I didn't try removing any left in place. I cut off the ends and drove the stub down with a hammer. Damaged joists had sections scabbed on, with long decking screws as fasteners.

    I replaced most of the floor with a inexpensive floating floor material. It was surprisingly easy to install, and I could cover a lot of area on a weekend. Knee pads are a must. The ceramic tile was untouched. That was way too expensive to replace, and some grout cleaning made it look new.

    It took me 9 months of weekends for my current wife, and I, to complete the task, with 4 months of the time cleaning out the hoard and demolition. Considering the looks of your photos, it won't take you that long.

    One thing I did do, which helped the sale price, was to replace light and plumbing fixtures. They weren't that expensive, and made a huge difference. Cosmetic damages to stomped drywall was repaired with the canned texture, and since it was a popcorn texture, finding the right distance to hold the can didn't take long to find out. The paint hid the repairs, and the walls looked brand new.

    Personally, I don't recommend carpet. It can be the right price, but you never can get it completely clean. After a few years, it picks up an odor, and if there are pets, it smells like the pets.

    1. Thanks, Jess, that's some good information there.

      I agree about carpet, and more important than that, so does Mrs J. Vinyl floors in the new house with a few throw rugs for color.

  2. I forgot to tell you "good luck", and to tell you some problems I encountered turned out much easier to take care of after some thought.

    1. Well, at a minimum, I shouldn't be scrambling for posting subjects anyhow.

  3. Good luck with the flooring inspection/redo. As to myself I would have tried to hold out for "Minion" rather than "Lackey".........:)

    1. Thanks,
      Unfortunately, minion was already in the dogs, and lackey is more accurately descriptive.

  4. Wow, lots of work in your future. This is not how I envisage retirement, which may be why I keep putting it off!

    1. Yeah, and this morning's push time got delayed a bit. I thought our guests were leaving tomorrow so the quick turn was on the sched for then. Nope it's today, so it's off to clean we go at the guest house.

  5. Sarge, I think as my father would tell you, Retirement is just another word for being busy with different things - maybe more enjoyable things, but still things.

    Juvat - on behalf of Lackeys everywhere, we appreciate your efforts for the greater glory of The Empire. Go forth and do the Lord's work.

    1. I think your father hit the nail on the head, THBB.

      We will endeavor to perform!

  6. All too true about pretreating the inevitable aches and pains.

    And the problems of mission creep that seem to escalate simple jobs into major jobs.
    It isn't always that one finds new problems, it just seems sometimes that it's a case of, "Well, while we are doing this we just might as well do ........."
    That's why our initial bathroom plan of wallpaper removing and painting is now a significantly bigger job.
    The new flooring will be a waterproof PVC laminate, and after we install the new floor that will bring our total experience with PVC laminate floor jobs to one.

    Note. Kreg is running a number of sales and their pocket hole gear and other fixtures. They waited until we'd bought the shelf pin fixture to start the sale!

    Be careful and good luck.

    1. Thanks, John.
      We've had a few instances of the "since the raptafrazzer is disconnected, why don't we...." also.

      Might have to look into Kreg's site. Thanks.

    2. Things on the Kreg site that showed "Out of Stock" were available at Amazon for the same price. Therefore I found it easy to rationalize some purchases.

      I made the mistake this morning of looking at the Direct Tools sale email.

    3. Yeah, the parts I'm waiting for are 90 degree clamps from Rockler. Given the problem with size on the mattress box, I don't have much room for error on the frame, so I need the corners to be as square as possible. They've promised delivery on Black Friday, we shall see.

  7. Very creative! You didn't list any enemy OOB though. However, this is an unclassified OPORD REL US/OAFS.

    You're so busy in retirement that you probably need to go back to work to have a vacation.

    1. Yeah, the G-2 section around here is a bunch of slackers (1 being the definition of bunch).

      Nah, not going back to that job. Although the reason why might be a subject for a future post. Thanks.

  8. Looks like it's ready for use as is for Navy enlisted barracks. You can put some air Force guys in there so they could pick up the hardship pay for staying in substandard quarters

    1. Grew up on Air Force bases in the 60's and had friends on Patrick in the 70's. Nope, those look like standard AF quarters. One girlfriend's brother shot through the walls with a BB gun, as by that time the paint layers were the only thing holding the interior walls up. It was a good day when they demolished those shacks and replaced them with more modern condo-style housing.

    2. BE603, it's not a bad house, just needs a bit of Paint and refresh of flooring. I think she'll be pretty happy there once it's done.

    3. Beans, I can attest to the overwhelming strength of Air Force Housing walls. Dad was stationed at Webb AFB, Big Spring TX in the second half of the 60's. We lived in one of the original WWII houses. There were only 3 structures for family housing on base. The Wing King's single family home and two duplexes. One sunny day, Mom and Dad were out playing golf or something. My sister (yes, same one) did something to "irk" me. I started chasing after her to express my appreciation, but she made it into the girls bedroom before I caught up to her. In order to increase the pressure I could apply to the door, I braced my feet on the wall across the hall and ended up in the bathroom having opened a juvat sized hole in its wall. Mom and Dad were VERY HAPPY with my demo work that day.
      Btw, according to Google Earth, the house is still there. 32 degrees13 minutes 24.24 seconds North 101 degrees 30 minutes 07.35 seconds West (another reason to hate the new blogger interface, apparently the sup tag is deprecated in comments but not in the post). It's the house on the left with 4 vehicles in front. In street view, other than the 4 vehicles (we had 1) there's not been much change in the ensuing 50+ years

  9. Heh, I have the Stephen Fetchett Award for Lackey Service Above and Beyond, earned during the great Exodus of 2017. In which I purchased and utilized the living snot out of the Fiat version of said Ford Transit Connect (which is a Renault design.)

    I do love the Ram Promaster City, seats are at chair height, rear can hold Lurch the wonder power chair, the dog, the dog's platform, Lurch's ramp and 2 full totes of groceries or product,

    Flooring... Yech. In the past house, between my mother-in-law, her incontinent dog, and all the damage I and our pets managed to do, when said MIL finally moved out (again) the wife and I ripped out all the old carpet and pads from the family room and dining room (her dog and her coffee managed to never dribble in her room, funny that.) After removal of said carpet (during a cold time, so we had the windows opened,) an eldritch stench, a ghastly funk was released.

    Sent my beautiful wife to work on a Saturday (double overtime for her, yay) and ended up just bleaching the exposed smelly cement. Tried bleach water the first time. Nope. Next day, Sunday, sent her to work again and just used straight-up pool bleach. With fans blowing, me with a full Hazmat-level full face mask. I think the people one town over could hear the demons trapped in the concrete scream as they were sent back to Heck, or Hell or wherever. Took 2 heavy bleachings to get the floor unstinkified.

    Fun times. Never seen hard concrete bubble before.

    Hope your wooden floors are not damaged too much and are easily cleaned and repaired.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Well, I won't get to try and duplicate your concrete bleach experiment on this project, (But am willing to try at a later point in life) as there's a crawl space below the floor. I've explored it before for various wiring projects as well as the infamous "Summer of the Skunk" episode. I truly hope I don't have to revisit that area.

  10. When we moved into the condo, there were things that needed "improvement". Some eyes in the older couple saw them and were shocked, I tell you. Other eyes, the steely blue ones, in the couple thought "roof doesn't leak, what's the problem?" So anyway after about $5000 in change orders, the older couple quieted down. In those days, I could get down on my knees to work on receptacles, under the sink, etc., etc. Now, not so much. "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!®" Reality for me. The solution has been that one set of eyes can now find her VISA card in her purse and thence find folks who will gladly accept same in exchange for labor of different kinds.
    BTW, did your house actually close? You have a fictitious date thereon.
    Check six, anybody. They're REALLY out there now.

    1. Oops, I had originally written 1 October and realized the error in my last proof read before hitting the sack. Mea Culpa. Heck, nowadays I'm not sure what month it is. Gave up on day of the week several months ago,
      I'm catching up with you on the knees thing. Now, before I get down on them, I figure out what I'm going to push up with. It is undignified to be on the floor like a turtle stuck on its back arms and legs flapping helplessly. Mrs J will usually come to my rescue, but there is always laughter (on her part) involved.

      And some soto voce comment about being a dummass. Or something.

      Six Checking is continuing. You're right! Out there and breeding!

  11. Hoo boy, THAT is gonna be a project. Good luck with it and I truly hope you don't find any OTHER issues that require 'assistance', if you will.

    1. Needless to say, me too on OTHER issues. Thanks


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