Friday, June 25, 2021

Fun While It Lasted...

Laddie Boy keeps wondering, "When will Grandpa put that camera down?"

Not his first rodeo, or time on a swing set, to say he still views it with a bit of trepidation is something of an understatement. But Dad's a fighter pilot, so I'm sure he'll grow into it.

Bear seems intent on something in the distance, she's like that, always en garde.

The Wee Lass has found a number of interesting sea shells. Kodi wasn't all that impressed with the way they felt underfoot.

It simply was a beautiful day, if a bit on the cool side.

Photo op!

Bear and Kodi are both watching The Wee Lass investigating some seashore phenomenon. 

Wednesday (above) was quite a change from Monday (below). Big storms moved through on Tuesday, lots of rain, lots of Donner und Blitzen, no, not the reindeer. The storms lowered the temperature, cleared the air, and drove quite a bit of seaweed ashore.

Sigh, all good things must come to an end.

It was a lovely visit.


  1. the sea shells by the seashore nursery rhyme can be verified by photo, nice camera work Sarge. Family makes for powerful recharging eh? Oh BTW The Eagles Claw appeared yesterday as did Max Hasting's Operation Pedestal.

  2. Brings out the Elvish in me. The sea is always calling to me, wanting to carry me away to distant lands, and high seas adventures.

    Even when I'm by the Great Lakes, it's the same. I stand on the shore feeling like, "where's the ship that will carry me," and, "what am I doing ashore?"

    Glad you had some good time with the family, Sarge!

  3. My goodness. What truly lovely pictures (and a lovely family). Thank you for sharing Sarge.

  4. Nice views. I grew up in the big dry, and never trusted the water. It is too unstable.

    Your note about cool would be welcome now. We seem to be dealing with humidity more than I remember. It has been prickly hot, unpleasantly oppressive. Usually it's a bit dryer than this.

    Thanks for the happy pictures.

    1. It's wise not to trust the sea. But I need to be near it.

  5. Fighter pilot, small child, swing set, JATO pack from ACME supplies. What could possibly go wrong! :)

    I can hear the ocean sounds in my mind and I'm better for it.

    Thank you sharing. (Beautiful photos!)

  6. Wonderful pictures. Always good to get a visual sense of where you're at. Thanks for sharing your fun family.

  7. Very picture of contentment. Many very pictures of contentment.

    Northern beaches must be a wonder, full of new things and smells and not melting on the sand that's currently turning into molten glass...

    The Nuke seems very happy as a mommy.

    You and The Missus have produced good kids, who have produced good kids. And you all get along, which is also good.

    Thanks for letting us into your lives.

  8. Sounds like you need to spend more time with them than on the clock!

  9. Just out of curiosity, where were you when these pictures were taken? Or, what time of day were they taken? My East/West Sun and East Coast Rhode Island are out of whack. It does look like a beautiful day. I'll second STxAR, we could live with a cool day around here about now.

    1. Bristol Town Beach, the Bay is west of the beach. Round about 1700 or so.

  10. TOO DAMN IDYLLIC!!! Bah Humbug!!! :)


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