Sunday, October 17, 2021

Travelin' Man


I'm on the road today, up north to celebrate my Mom's birthday. No Internet up here, cell phone signal can be iffy.

So go read the folks on the sidebar, I shall return.



  1. Heh heh...... watch for the road gangs Sarge, they do love to greet travelers on and off the road. Safe travels!

  2. My instant of careless reading meant that I read the video title as, "Mad Max Furry Road...."
    That produced a mental image based on my work experience when a portion of visitors passing through Philly were heading to a Furry convention, and they were in costume.

    Be careful out there!

    1. Dad stopped a weaver one night... Had the guy step out for a sobriety test and dad said he was over 6 feet tall normally, but dressed like a lady in 4 inch heels, he was a giant. I think the DUI limit back then was .15 or so. He passed.

      "I wath looking for that bar 'Peacheth*', can you tell me how to get there?" *Peaches

      "Sure, follow the loop all the way around to University Avenue on the south. By the way, they renamed it to 'Bigger than Dallas'."

      "Oh, thank you tho muth offither!"

      He always wondered what the cowboys did when that giant "lady" got out of his car in the parking lot....

  3. I'd recommend against an open convertible. Back in the halcyon days, we'd hunt rabbits on the winter wheat. Flying around in the back of a 74 Chevy 1500 at 70mph at night, in 20 degree weather would almost fill your ears with snot. Not to mention the cold rosy cheeks and tears frozen to eyes.... It was amazing fun back then, but as I've aged a bit I guess. Hanging on for dear life, shooting rabbits as fast as I can reload the pump and bailing out to chase down a wounded rabbit doesn't hold the thrill it once did.

    I would imagine we tore up way more wheat than the rabbits, but the fun-o-meter was always pegged to "Max Smoke"!!

    Have a great visit, and keep warm up there...

  4. Wow, Northeastern rush hour has taken it up a notch. Drive Safe Sarge!

  5. Safe Travels, Sarge, and give our best to your Mom.

    BTW, nice selfie of you in the YouTube Screenshot.

  6. I've heard rumors of how bad Northeastern roads were. But, golly gee, don't screw up Blue's paint job. She'll never forgive you and decent vehicles are hard to come by in these fallen times.

  7. Enjoy your trip Sarge. Hope the rain that blew through here yesterday afternoon/evening didn't knock down all the pretty leaves in Vermont and New Hampshire!
    Tell Mom we all say Happy Birthday!

  8. I have returned, it was a good trip!


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