Friday, October 22, 2021

You Wanted BRRRRRRT!

US Air Force Photo

Well, you get BRRRRRRT!

Back tomorrow with another episode of The War.


  1. That's a lot of brrrrrrrt. Awesome.

    A Warthog nose art logo of a certain Sesame Street character would be very appropriate.
    Yes, Brrrrrrrrrrt and Ernie.

  2. John, you are amazing!! Thanks for the stop gap Brrrrt, Sarge. I wanna hear it in my head as the chicoms are spooling up for battle, then, "so sorry, I sing for you the song of my people..... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!"

    I may have to drop the R in your title. Old Air Force Sage.... I'm think about it....

  3. Nice. When the A-10 first came out, one unit used to spend some time flying into Patrick AFB and then go do the bombing range out near Orlando. So, since the bike path along A1A (and A1A itself) were basically right along the airfield, I got to spend a lot of quality time watching them take off and land and fly over and do aerobatics over the water (ocean side, not Banana River side (which is the former Navy name of Patrick AFB (now Patrick SFB) being the Banana River Naval Air Station (of which they flew seaplanes out of, said seaplane ramp still there and in use as a boat ramp)(and the PBM Mariner lost during Flight 19 was launched from BRNAS.))

    Ah. The good old days.

    Still a great plane, especially with the reinforced wing and updated cockpit and weapons systems.

  4. See how easy it is to please the masses? Thanks!!! Too bad those commies surrendered and didn't run back to the great white up. They might have fared as well as the Kuwaitis at the end of Desert Storm.

  5. Question for pilots or ordies- Second video- about 2:35-3:15 several A-10s are seen taxing out of ramp locations and looks like they still have "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" streamers attached in the nose gear area. Again about 5:35 with one in nose gear area and one on each of the wing mounted (ordnance?). Are these just taxi runs for photo ops, or do they pull the streamers when they get to some sort of remote arming area or just prior to takeoff?
    John Blackshoe
    (Enjoying the show- awesome tools!)

    1. Those will be removed in the arming area, it's typically just short of the runway. One of my jobs as flightline Quality Assurance back in the day was to watch the ordies doing their thing in the arming area.

    2. Those are almost certainly safeties for the various weapons on board. There are similar ones for Landing Gear, but IIRC, those are removed before taxi. The weapons pins are removed last and immediately before Takeoff to minimize the risk of a weapon related accident. Theoretically, there are "Squat" switches that sense the aircraft is still on the ground and therefore prevent launch, dropping or firing. But...Murphy always seems to be close around. If they were in or around the nose gear well, I'd say that is the safety for the gun. I could be wrong, never flew the Hog.

    3. That was my guess as well for the streamer in the nose wheel well, the safety for the gun.

  6. ^^^^ make that the THIRD video

  7. I remember seeing them play around the hills of southern VT.

  8. I love how you hear the explosions from the impacts then hear the phart of the gun due to the camera being much closer to the target than the aircraft.


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