Sunday, December 26, 2021

Sunday, Lazy Sunday...

 So here I sit, quietly enjoying silly holiday movies, snoring dog at my feet.  And absolutely nothing worth writing about, really.  

Christmas was good.  Quiet, peaceful, good food, low stress.  Just what I needed after the last month of hectic stupidity and idiocy (seriously, Bank, you thought people buying presents was out of the ordinary during Christmastime and so you shut the card off right as Baby needed a new set of wheels?  Jerks.)

Ommmmm.  Nommmmmm... Nommmmmmmmm....

Peace and tranquility, that's all I have for this 2nd Day of Christmas.  Quiet, solitude, and LEFTOVERS!!!

So, to spread the joy and peace, here's probably one of Bach's top 10.

E. Power Biggs playing J. S. Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
on the organ like God and Bach intended

Other than that, catch you on Tuesday or so for a potentially controversial rant-o-the-season full of vim and vigor, will and woe and stuffs.  But safe for work, weak men, women of all ages and children.  Just mellow ranting because I can.  Forewarning and foreshadowing and "FORE!"

And maybe some plane stuff...

Always have had a thing for Republic's overengineering...


  1. Great job Beans.
    Wonderful music and a ton of I formation about the P-47.
    The Smithsonian Museum had one on display long before Udvar-Hazy opened and that is a very big airplane.

    1. It is a big plane. The joke about it was if the pilot got into too hairy of a fight, he could get out of the seat and run around inside dodging bullets.

      Always thought it would have been neat to turn one into a passenger plane. Take out the personal armor plate, the self-sealing gas tanks and you'd be able to fit 2-3 people under the pilot's cabin. Carry the baggage in 'drop tanks,' which was actually done, converted drop tanks into cargo pods. Epecially one of the big 'N' models designed to carry fuel internally all the way to Berlin or in the Pacific.

  2. Thanks for the music Beans, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas (it sounds as if you did).

    Thanks for the heads up on Tuesday. Plenty of time to mentally prepare...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, my Muse was suffering from a tryptophane hangover so, well, it's an excuse you use... :)

  4. The first book I read about the P-47 was written by Francis Gabreski. It was in my uncle's stuff. I got a big book on the Thunderbolt in the Military Book Club and Cult. Great info there, too. One of my top favorites of the war. In college, I had to do a ride along for Avionics class. I checked out a video camera from the library. I spent a couple hours after cutting in scenes from Thunderbolt! That got a big laugh in class, and an A from the professor. I loaned out the video tape and never got it back.

    Looking forward to the next installment of "Fragrance From Afar! The Beans Chronicles" And I mean distance, not flames.

    Happy Christmas!

  5. I first got introduced to the Bolt from friends who could afford to make models. And then it was featured in one story in the book "Fighters in the Sky" by Arch Whitehouse. Meanwhile, got to listen to my Dad's tales about flying the mighty Republic F-84G before he was grounded. Really an amazing plane - the Bolt - and it doesn't get the attention that the 'Stang gets, but it (the Bolt) got the job done.

    As to Tuesday, well, we'll just see!

    Happy 2nd day of Christmas to you too!

  6. More Thunderbolt. Likely I have posted both of these here before. Enjoy (again).

    (Tutti Frutti)

  7. Isn't it interesting, how when Republic and Grumman were asked to come out with the best fighter possible for their customers, the both produced to a large extent, the same plane? The P-47, and the F6F are very similar aircraft, and the F6F-6 would have looked even more like the P-47, as the F6F-6 would have had the bubble canopy as well. Two well respected companies, independently arriving at the same conclusion.

    1. "...independently arriving at the same conclusion."

      Indeed, as did the Japanese--

    2. Parallel evolution. Given the same motor and the same specifications... Now just put gull-wings on the -47 and you get a Corsair.

  8. It was a wonderfully dull Sunday for us, which is exactly what was needed after the busy Advent season. Maybe I'll write a little about it and give you Tuesday off.

    1. Sounds good. Glad you had a quiet Sunday too.


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