Thursday, October 6, 2022

Background or What's Going On?

A British tank crosses a wide ditch outside Mersa Matruh just before the fall of the town.
So, six straight posts on the troops under von Lüttwitz outside Leningrad. It's time to get back to North Africa and check in with Sgt. O'Connell and his tank crew and Willi Hoffmeister and his Panzer crew. (BTW, Willi commands a platoon now, I think I should probably promote him, if I haven't done so already. I need to start building a who's who and what's what database!)

We also need to check in with Gefreiter Ernst Paulus and our Polish friend, Jan Kołodziej. Last time I mentioned them was back in August when they had a run-in with Telitsyn's partisans. Jan's friend Kazimir Dutka was killed in action at that time.

As well as them, we need to get back in touch with Flight Lieutenant Reginald Morley, recently liberated from his brief Italian captivity. Which we shall when we get back to North Africa, a post I'm working on (fitfully) at the moment.

Was going to hit that post Wednesday night but sheer exhaustion caught up with me. 'Tis been a long stretch since I had a good day off. But a three day weekend is in the offing. We needs it Precious, yes, we does.

So that's what's going on, brief as it may be, it's something.

I hear my rack calling to me, ciao!


  1. I always liked the look of the British cruiser tanks, like if Jaguar designed and built tanks. Too bad they sucked as bad as they did, like Jaguar actually designed and built them. Sigh.

    Enjoy your rack time.

    1. I had a model of one as a kid, really like the look of that thing. Looks almost modern, if you don't look too closely at all those exposed rivets!

  2. A cast of at least. Use that long weekend to rack up some "z" time, Ciao Sarge.

  3. Once you figure the record keeping out you can write a book on how to keep track of all the different stories & characters! :-)

    1. Hahaha!

      (I could see it as a self-help book!)

  4. Concur with the management of characters and storylines. You do a fine job of it.

    One thing I do wonder is that you do not feel the need to take breaks more often, considering the heavy sorts of material you are dealing with.

    1. Some days it becomes all too much, so I take a break. Normally I can keep up the pace depending on what's going on with real life!


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