Sunday, December 4, 2022

A New Timewaster (But It Is Interesting ...)

La bataille de Waterloo. 18 juin 1815
Clément-Auguste Andrieux (PD)
"Teddy, go ahead and get the projector set up, Melissa, go ahead and close the curtains. All right class, settle down, your regular teacher is home with the flu, I'm Coach Whodat and I'll be showing you a film today."

Yup, sorry, the drought continues. On the other hand, in my casting about for things to entertain you with I've found yet another lovely YouTube channel with lots of great stuff. It's History Hit and for today's post, I give you their take on my favorite battle, Waterloo.

The aforementioned channel has clips on dang near every period in European warfare. Probably more as well, I'm just starting to scratch the surface of their content. (They have some really good "this is what those weapons were really like" videos as well. Lots of Roman and Medieval stuff for Beans.)

While looking for a picture to lead things off, I also stumbled across this website, ThoughtCo., which lists some good books on the Battle of Waterloo. At least one of which has been added to my "I want!" list. Chasing it down on Amazon I found a few more.

I can hear The Missus Herself now, "Just what we need, more books." I might have to build my own library building one of these days.

Anyhoo, that's all I've got, hope you're enjoying your weekend, I certainly am. (Even though Saturday's weather was bloody miserable, but it did give me the time to watch a bunch of historical videos. So I've got that going for me ...)

Expect juvat on Monday, I'll try and come up with something kinda creative for Tuesday. (Who gave my Muse the month off anyway? Oops, might have been me.)



  1. Or the janitor, sent to sub a French class: “Bonjour, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys.”

  2. Well now, two more sites to visit on the InterNets..... and one of them will help to (groan) melt the credit card.....thanks Sarge.

    1. Uh, you're welcome?

      (Sorry old chap, but I just had to share.)

  3. And now another site with which to entertain myself! History channels are always fun and I enjoy the ones demonstrating early weapons. FWIW, I and "Lipstick 6" watched "Troll" yesterday afternoon. Quite entertaining and I was thinking, "Wow! A Norwegian version of a Japanese Godzilla movie with a dash of 'King Kong' thrown into it!". Thanks for the recommendation. :-)
    - Barry

  4. Thanks for the links!
    Purty sure the Muse sets her own hours. Just mentionin'
    Boat Guu

  5. I looked at the first picture (La bataille de Waterloo. 18 juin 1815) and wondered just how many men were fighting? Through the wonders & technology of the modern world I was able to look up that question in less time than it would have taken for me to get up and walk to the bookcase to find the correct volume of The World Book Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Britannica back in the day...
    185,000 men at the Battle of Waterloo.

    Who'd have ever thought back in the 60s (or even the 80s) that an encyclopedia would become something that you couldn't even give away? I suspect if our masters have their way the internal combustion engine will be the next thing....

  6. That looks like a spiffy book list Sarge and also a nifty channel. I can handle things videos in about 20 minute segments; makes for good workout/walking entertainment.

    "Annex". We need a library "annex". Sounds more, you know, official.

    1. I've watched some of the longer videos YouTube has to offer, but prefer the "quick bites." Annex, but of course, I like it!

  7. Your "...own library building..." It's certainly gotta be better than the one planned for Chicago - in every way.

    1. Ah Chicago, kowtowing to a tool who managed to become president. What a joke for the ages.

  8. Juvat has his shop, I have “my room” (as in ‘go to your room’), you need your library as well. I picture leather recliner, big screen for YouTube, an assortment of whiskies and crystal, and shelves - filled with wonderful things.

  9. Interesting human interest story from Waterloo............. Tom


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