Saturday, January 28, 2023

I Give Up ...

Spent my Friday off doing absolutely nothing.

Thought about writing, then decided to go out for coffee.

Talked to the cat, she had no fresh ideas either.

Then I realized, this is NOT a job, it's a pastime.

So ...

I listened to music.

Decided to share this with you, I really like these guys.

The bass player, Billy Sheehan, is like two months older than me.

Who says old guys can't rock?

See you tomorrow.


  1. Of course, old guys can rock, it's just that the next morning that bottle of Tylenol gets grabbed.

  2. The "not a job but a pastime" thing is real. I suspect that you are and are alike in that we feel a responsibility to provide content to our readers because...well, that is what we do.

    Have you started the four day work week?

    1. I feel driven to do that.

      Yes, I'm getting three days off every weekend and loving it!

  3. Crusty Old TV Tech here. Yeah, Gene Simmons is still out there doing his thing, too. If someone that old and rode-hard-and-put-away-wet can, any old fart can.

    Dr Crusty prescribes some time next to a crackling fireplace with a good book and a properly filled snifter of Asbach Uralt at the ready. Cat optional.

  4. At least you're listening to rock and roll. I'm here watching a Martha Stewart cooking video because a ricotta cheesecake is sounding pretty good to me right now. Off to the store to pick up some more ricotta cheese in a few minutes. Who dares say we old guys can't party!

  5. Not a bad sound...I heard that Mr. Sheehan goes by the stage name of Methuselah though. Just sayin'

    1. Heh, moves pretty good for a fossil, don't he?

  6. 1. 'gree with you re Billy Sheehan.
    2. every time I watch a video like this one, I'm reminded of "Cabaret" for some weird reason.
    3. 3-day weekend? Woohoo!! just wait 'til you have 7-day weekends with nothing to do but honey-dos.

  7. 1. 3day weekends are AWESOME!!! Which is why I've been doing them for longer than I care to admit. Plus I was working 10 hours a day anyways, so it was no big deal to go to 4 days a week -- and having that extra day of being able to get the car stuff done, or doctor appts, or go to the bank is priceless!!
    2. Rock and roll is here to stay!! Just saying.
    3. Congrats on newest tribe member -- I'm yet again a day late :)


  8. Guess I need to throw some grist into the hopper, while the standards for publication have low expectations. If I can find where I left that extra time.
    John Blackshoe


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