Saturday, June 3, 2023


George Raymond Stevenson
25 May 1964 – 21 May 2023
Not feeling the urge to be creative today, but I have also been remiss in forgetting to commemorate the passing of one of my favorite actors, Ray Stevenson. He played Titus Pullo in one of my favorite HBO mini-series, Rome.

You died too young, Pullo.

As for the title of the post ...

(Viewer discretion advised)

Godspeed, Ray.


  1. Wow Sarge. I have seen zero of Rome. Certainly looks exciting enough.

    1. TB - It's set around the time of Julius Caesar, I liked it so much I watched it three times.

    2. Rob - Worth your time if you're interested in what ancient Rome might have been like. ("Might have" because, well, it's TV innit?)

    3. Entertaining, but I wouldn't use it as a history lesson.

    4. History is what the winners say it is, the people who own the media get to say how it is too.
      Look at the J6 story...

    5. I'd rather not, but yes, good example.

    6. Sarge, I did a little research. It seems like an interesting concept: they follow the lives of two Centurions called out in Caesar's Conquest of Gaul of which we know almost nothing else. Thus they live during the events but there is some freedom with the characters.

    7. Which is one of the big reasons I love the series.

    8. Steven Pressfield uses this to great effect in his books on Ancient history as well. A figure which may be briefly be attested to in the historical record, which gives a writer a great amount of latitude.

    9. How have I not heard of Steven Pressfield? I checked into some of his books, very nice.

    10. Sarge, I cannot recommend Gates of Fire and Tides of War highly enough (Battle of Thermopylae/The Peloponnesian War). Also, his books on writing - Do The Work, The War of Art, Why Nobody Wants to Read Your ^&!@, Turning Pro - are great books on the art and practice of writing.

    11. Sigh, so many books, so little time.

      But as they say, I will try.

    12. Sorry Boss, I have no idea who this guy is nor seen anything he's done. Link to recommended movies or a playlists maybe?

    13. Rome, a two season series on HBO. As shown in the two video clips. Lots of old Roman politics, violence, and other Roman stuff. Pretty good, I started re-watching it today. (Third or fourth time, I lose track.)


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