Monday, September 17, 2012


Michigan Won, Packers Won
The Rest? Bah, Humbug!
On the whole a rough weekend for my teams. Air Force didn't play this weekend, so at least they didn't lose.

Rough outing for Army, in a high scoring game like that, to lose by one point. Geez.

And I don't even want to talk about the Patriots right now. Defense comes through, chip shot field goal, missed. So close, yet so far. Cardinals seem very improved. I was impressed by their defense.

It's always fun to watch a Bears - Packers game. A very long rivalry. Also nice to see the Pack get back on track.

Michigan? Go Blue! (Sorry UMass, but I have family that went to Michigan.)

Navy versus Penn State. Won't even go there. 'Nuff said.

Colorado State. Two disappointing outings in a row. Of course CSU is a much better team than when I was in school there. Back in those days, the football program was bad. Very bad. Program has improved a lot since the mid-80s. But not looking good this year, yet.

That's all I have right now sports fans.

After going all geopolitical over the weekend, I needed to lighten things up a bit.

Hard to say what tomorrow will bring. I feel a rather serious post brewing inside me right now.

Or maybe it's just the Buffalo Chicken I had for dinner. Only time will tell...


Is it just me? Or has Peyton lost some arm strength? Last week and this it seemed that a lot of his passes floated and were kind of wobbly. Three picks in the first quarter. And a fumble. Broncos started off badly. Based on the final score I'd say that cost them the game. Just a bit.


  1. Us long-suffering ND fans were pleased by the upset in East Lansing. First 3-0 start this century. ;-)

    1. Always nice to see Michigan State lose. Said while wearing my "Go Blue" hat.


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