Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Where Do We Draw the Line?

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans murdered in Benghazi!!!

How much more of this anarchy in the world will we tolerate? Where do we draw the line and say, "That's it, not one step further."

It's impractical, if not impossible, to declare war against a frenzied mob. Especially a frenzied mob in another country. Another country where you get the feeling that no one there is really in charge. They've only recently been through a "regime change" which was achieved by blood and bullets, not ballots and babble. Certainly doesn't appear to be a stable, established government.

Perhaps that recent blood-letting has given that bunch a taste for that kind of thing. It's "Hey, we're pissed off and offended! Let's go blow things up and kill people we don't like." It's barbarism I tell you. Civilization does not seem to have taken root in that region of the planet. There's a patina of culture and civility, but scratch the surface and there lies the wolf.

I have no answers which involve diplomacy, talking or negotiating. One does not reason with savages.

We have emboldened these new barbarians with our peace talks, appeasement and "gee why don't they like us" naïveté. They feel that there are no boundaries which they cannot cross, no new atrocity they cannot inflict. There are no limits for them.

We fight with one hand tied behind our backs. We need to start fighting fire with fire.

"Why, doing that would bring us down to their level", it is said by the ivory tower dreamers.

Oh, really?

Is it better to let them slaughter diplomats or continue to blow up children on school buses in Israel? Murder and rape women in Afghanistan? For their so-called honor?

We're at war dammit! They know it and are exploiting our innate goodness and sense of fair play.

Where do we draw the line against this descent into a new Dark Age?


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  1. We are of one mind in this, as you said at my place. Bring it to them - hard.

    1. No pity, no remorse until they lay down their arms and surrender. Absolutely and unconditionally.

  2. What I said at The Home For Us All.

  3. Mystifying to me how we can tolerate this and respond with , essentially, what amounts to a promise to arrest those responsible. That's it?!?! There doesn't seem to be any consequences to blatantly attacking an embassy of the most powerful country in the world other than to be threatened with arrest? Really? I don't pretend to understand international diplomacy, but there should be quick & decisive action taken here, forget negotiating ( or apologizing ) at this is very frustrating to have our leader more concerned with how his opponent 'politicized' the attack than with taking action to send a strong message to those thugs in that mess of a country.

    1. Yup, our current President is an a$$hat. No question about it. I'll have more to say on this business, probably tomorrow. I was going to post tonight but I'm just too POed at the moment.

      It's been a rough week for the Republic. November can't come soon enough!


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