Friday, September 7, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

The Bard
That is the question...

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The spam and snarks of outrageous comments,
Or write a post to slam the trolls
And by counter-snarking end them?

Not that this has ever happened to me, mind you. Not yet anyway.

I did get one spam comment which didn't show up on the blog but in my e-mail. The comment itself made no sense in the context of the post and invited me to visit his/her blog. With excellent security software on board, I clicked on the link, confident that this software would warn me of a "dangerous" link. (It is very good at "protecting" me.)

The link had something to do with "How to buy land illegally in Spain". Not something I was interested in. Breaking the law isn't really my style. Nor do I wish to wind up on Interpol's "bad boy" list. Were I to consider becoming a law-breaker, I think I would do so on the domestic front. Avoid the whole international crime thing altogether.

I certainly would not want to force Hogday out of retirement to chase me down and "bring me to justice".

All that aside, it's been an interesting few weeks. Being back at the home office is better than traveling by far. Though one of the chaps I work for is a bit addled I think. Rather like working for this fellow:

Inspector Clouseau
He's a nice enough fellow, just seems a bit, shall we say, disorganized.

Well, I seem to have absolutely nothing else to say today. Pity really. I had such high hopes for today's post. So I'll quit now and leave you with one of my favorite Python bits, the Cheese Shop. (When in doubt, post a video, at least give the readers something to look at!)


  1. I've found that one o' Blogger's BEST features is its spam trap, with the possible exception of valid comments winding up in there once in a while. But, as you noted, you see every comment in e-mail, so you know when one o' yer buds has been wrongfully detained. That happens to VX a lot over at EIP, for some reason... and it MIGHT be a lifestyle judgment on Blogger's part. ;-)

    You're a braver sort than I am, Sarge, in that I NEVER hit any of the spam sites. EVER. Those bastards are creative and yer anti-virus software is usually RE-active to newer threats.

    Finally... it's GOOD to be home, innit? I always enjoyed getting back to the routine of the Home Office after a lengthy TDY to some project or another.

    1. Yeah, me likee the spam trap. Not sure what Blogger has against VX, your assessment is hilarious.

      I do like living on the edge, sometimes. But that is pretty rare these days, I've had some buddies who have had their computers trashed by some of those sites. So I normally tread with caution.

      Home is good.


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