Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Problem Solving the JOPA Way

Hat tip to the JOPA over on Facebook.

This was just too funny to not steal borrow.

Gotta love the JOPA!

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  1. There's a variant of this flow chart floating around on these inner-tubes with a couple o' more boxes titled "Can you fix it? (y/n)" (instead of "you poor bastard") followed by "fix it" if y, and "you're fired" if n.

    People generally don't get fired in the military, though. They're just sent off to Thule or Keflavik (or the modern equivalent... Kef is closed now, right?) to be OIC of Paper Clips. I'm not quite sure what the Squidly equivalent would be... but I'm sure there IS one.

    1. Diego Garcia. At least it's warm...

      Definitely the middle of nowhere.

  2. JOPA know well and good the section of the chart- "can you blame someone else?" as it relates to the second law of thermodynamics. It tells us that energy always moves from a more concentrated condition to a less concentrated, or more spread out, condition. The JOPA know it better as when the heat's on someone else, it's not on you- or better yet, try and transfer that heat to someone else. I might have that a little off since it's been a while since I was a JO, but nevertheless...

    1. Yeah, I hear you. My two older kids and oldest son-in-law tell me that the Surface Warfare world is the worst. They even have a term for the "can you blame someone else", it's called the "SWO Stab". If you can make everyone around you look bad, you make yourself look good. Like an old friend of mine once said, "If you and another guy are in the woods and meet a pissed-off bear, you don't need to out run the bear. Just need to out run the other guy."

      We have people like that in the defense contracting world as well. It's not exactly "dog eat dog", but some days it's awfully close!


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