Friday, February 7, 2014

Got Brains?

It's quiz time boys and girls!

Don't give me that look.

Actually, The WSO shared this particular "How smart are you?" quiz over on Facebook. No political crap questions. None of that "Are you liberal or conservative?" nonsense. Nope. This is (maybe) an indicator as to how "smart" you are. Or how smart someone thinks you are based on this quiz (20 questions). Don't panic. This doesn't go on your permanent record.

I think...

I won't make any claims for its accuracy one way or the other. But if you like a bit of a brain teaser, this one is kind of fun. So, without further ado, I give you (drum roll please...)

Clicky-clicky here.

No luck involved. But pay attention, it's not easy.

I'll share my results down the road a piece.


  1. I don't believe my results since I answered "I don't know" twice.

  2. Too much math. I didn't do well at all (G.W. Bush!), but that doesn't surprise me since I'm arithmetically challenged.

  3. I'm sith Suzie... but I got a 120...

  4. 140. Supposed to be good, right?

  5. You folks are all brilliant in my book!

  6. I hate those type of quizzes, makes my brain hurt after awhile, but scored a 160.

  7. 180. That can't be right. I'm a dumb knuckle dragger!

    1. If you're a dumb knuckle dragger, then the rest of us are one celled organisms.


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