Sunday, February 2, 2014

Temos um novo membro!

The new folks are flocking to sign up here at Chant du Départ. (Okay, I know, I know, four is not a flock. Humor me.)

Our latest member, M D Roque (aka Ditos & Escritos) hails from Portugal, Lisboa to be precise. (That's Lisbon for all you Anglophones!) So we've gone all international we have.

Which is kinda cool. Where I live in Little Rhody is heavily Portuguese (though primarily from the Açores, so it's a bit different.) But still, kinda cool.

Bear in mind this information was derived from her very nice blog (here). Using the magic of Google Translate, it all becomes clear.

One sad note though, Ms Roque's latest post indicates she has very recently lost her cat, Sam.

Being a cat lover myself, I feel her pain.

Welcome aboard Ms Roque and accept out condolences for your loss.

Vamos sentir sua falta pouco Sam...


  1. I just had a really scary revelation.
    I figured out what the title of this post means without using Goggle.

  2. Yeah, but it was easier than your acronyms!

  3. My deepest sympathy on the loss of Sam, Ms. Roque. Lost my own little buddy last March. Words are hard to find that ease the pain of loosing a companion.


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