Sunday, February 9, 2014

Out On the Slopes

Little Bit and Yours Truly
We contemplate our next run...
So yesterday, I didn't even really look at the blog. It was a day to be a Grandfather. So I spent some quality time with Little Bit (daughter of The WSO and Big Time) and The Missus Herself.

I do declare, but the last time I went sledding was in Omaha. Back when Little Bit's Mom wasn't too much older than Little Bit is in these pictures.

We had a blast. Even The Missus Herself made a number of runs. We found that at our age, coming back up the hill was a bit more tiring then we recalled from our youth. Little Bit, having the energy of a three-year old, had no problem tackling the hill, again and again. We more mature beings determined that taking turns was a good idea. (So as to catch our breath every now and then!)

But the granddaughter seemed to enjoy herself. She likes to "go fast".

I wonder where she gets it?

What Mom and Dad do...
Dad - Big Time

Mom - The WSO

Oh yeah, that's where she gets it.

You might say, it runs in the family...

But we had fun. And we're supposed to get more snow today. We'll probably hit the slopes again, real soon. As least that's what my granddaughter tells me.

Alas, I am putty in her wee hands...

Looking down the hill as the sun decides to call it a day...


  1. I expect your granddaughter will get to sleigh again real soon!

  2. Glad you had fun. Speed is good!

  3. Nice hat. Even nicer grandbaby!

  4. When we moved to OK from the mountains of Northern NM, we still had all our winter stuff - skis, sleds, etc. We actually got a bit of snow in OK that first winter and broke out the cross-country skis. There not being lots of hills to sled on, my daughter took her sled to the pond dam for some sledding. She reported that she went dam fast.

  5. Growing up in E. Cent Illinois we had huge snows as a little kid. My parents gave me a classic Western Flyer sled for Christmas, 1951. Then the climate changed. Never snowed again enough to use it--even ONCE. But I kept thru the years and when our son was born in in Louisville in '77 it came it handy on the "big hill" at Bellarmine College during the unusually big snows (historical) of the late 70s. "Fastest sled on the hill" didn't/doesn't even begin to do it really was THAT fast, lol.

    1. Good story Virgil. We had lots of snow in Vermont when I was a kid, then we went a number of years with pretty weak snowfall. Winter has been making a comeback over the past few years. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


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