Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Navy Blog is Underway

While visiting over at EagleSpeak, I noted that the good Captain had a post up regarding a new "Navy-centric" blog.

Which goes by the name of I don't know; ask the skipper, good stuff therein. Check it out. (The title alone is worth the price of admission. No, it's free. It's just an expression...)

As the proud father (3) and father-in-law (1) of four "Fleet" Lieutenants (three still on active duty), I am always on the look-out for Navy stuff. Good Navy stuff.

So head on over and have a look.

Yes, now. We're done here for the moment.



  1. Yes Sargeant!

    Very pretty water...

    1. I chose that photo for the aquas and the blues that were in it.

      The ships are pretty too. ;-)

    2. I woulda chosen it because it has pics of the greyhounds of the sea.
      The aquas and blues can be kinda boring when you're steaming (a term not currently a reality) through them.
      (Dieseling through doesn't have much appeal)
      Anyhow... they sure make tin cans a lot bigger than they used to... 4100 tons as opposed to 2250 tons

    3. Actually the Flight III Arleigh Burkes weigh in around 9800 tons!

    4. Oops... I went looking at FFGs instead of DDGs.
      They were still a lot bigger.

    5. Ah yes, a fig would weigh about that much.

      And yes, even the Perrys outweigh the old tin cans.


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