Monday, May 5, 2014

Cabbage Crates Coming Over the Briney

Messieurs Idle, Chapman, Palin, Cleese, Jones, and Gilliam
The Pythons (or something like that...)
In honor of it's being Monday and as I'm feeling rather silly today, I've decided to treat you all to a Monty Python sketch.

I first saw this one when I was home on leave from Korea in December of 1980. As I recall, one of the major networks (so in those days one of "NBC, CBS or ABC") decided to air a special on Monty Python. As I remember it (and shortly I'll stop starting sentences with "As I..."), this was an hour long special and featured some excellent Python bits. Including the one I'm going to treat you to today. Eventually. Alright, if you must just skip to the end. I won't be that offended.

(As if there was such a thing as a "bad" Python bit. In poor taste? Sure. Overly silly? Absolutely. But bad? I don't recall many of those. YMMV.)

This Monty Python stuff may become a "Monday thing" - but I'm not sure. "Monty Monday" just doesn't sound right. I mean, it puts me in mind of male strippers. While that might be fine for the ladies, it ain't exactly my cup of tea. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I have a theme for Friday (the Flyby, which seems popular) we'll see if I even want to have a Monday theme. Sometimes having "theme" days makes the blogging a bit easier. Sometimes not. We shall see.

And so...

I give you...

RAF banter...

RAF = Royal Air Force, if you simply must know.


  1. The Monday Python comes to mind and is relatively innocuous.
    Of course that could seriously limit your offerings.

    1. You're right! Gadzooks, perhaps a "themed Monday" isn't such a grand idea.

      Must give this more thought...

      (Thanks Skip.)

  2. Armstrong and Miller they're harsher!

    1. Didn't get the reference at first, then did some Googling.

      Good stuff Cap'n.

      For the rest of you lot - Two of Armstrong's and Miller's recurring characters - Two World War II RAF pilots who speak in upper-class accents but have the language and attitudes of chav stereotypes, using colloquialisms such as "blud" and peppering their speech with "like" and "and shit".

      I watched one sketch here - good stuff!

  3. All I have to do is see Cleese or Palin and I'm laughing. Don't even need to hear them...and their mutual work in A Fish Called Wanda does, in some ways, eclipse their Python work. Simply brilliant.

    1. A Fish Called Wanda was absolutely brilliant! Now I have to track down and watch it again.

  4. Them Brits have totally butchered the English language

    1. ;-)

      As always, your take on things is never obvious and often hysterical.


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