Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Worth Reading!

I have a "new" favorite blog, I don't know; ask the skipper.

I have "new" in quotes because the blog has been around since Lincoln's birthday this year. I stumbled across it in March, read all the previous posts and have been following it ever since. 

For those so inclined, he has recently established a "presence" on the ever popular Facebook. ICSFTH

While it is a Navy-centric blog (for that is what he knows best) he does dabble in politics, current events and other topics sure to spark a discussion. And let me tell ya, the man can write. Good sense of humor and he's well-informed.

He reminds of someone I once knew.

Check it out, I think you will be pleased.


  1. I picked up on his blog about the time you started posting links on F/B.
    "Joined" his page yesterday.
    When I thanked him for adding me, he called me "sir".
    Now I feel old.


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