Friday, May 2, 2014

Yup, My Idea of a Good Time

Good stuff.



  1. The moon has a face.

  2. Reminds me of driving with my dad along the smaller roads in Maine in the fog. We finally put an end to it when a backseat passenger asked: how he knew where he was going in fog so thick? His response was to roll back the sunroof and point out the constellations which could be seen through breaks in the fog. Admirable performance really, except that he was still driving on those narrow twisting roads. in the fog and at a pretty good clip..

    1. Navigating by the stars, at night, in the fog.

      Hhmm, our Dads may have been related.

  3. Busting out of a overcast into clear sky above was always a cleansing moment for me whether day or night. All the crap below, interfering with your ability to see what was going on was not a factor for a while. It was clear and clear sailing and that was a good thing!


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