Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Sunday

So The Missus Herself and I got all gussied up and laid in a course for Mystic, Connecticut for to meet some friends and spend a "quiet" afternoon telling lies stories to each other. 'Twas at The Harp and Hound where we all met up last October.

While Austin, Denise, Robin, Kayren, Ken and Spill couldn't make it this go-round, we did have a new face at our latest New England Lexican get-together. That would be Dave, who we all call The Padre. He was a Marine artilleryman, then an Army chaplain, now a civilian in training at a big company headquartered in the Constitution State. Before he heads down to his permanent gig in the Lone Star state, we determined that a meet up was in order.

And so it came to pass.

Now I'd never met Dave in person but have known him for a couple of years via the magic of the internet. The Missus Herself and I walked into the pub, I immediately recognized Dave over at the bar. So I walked on over, hand outstretched.


"Chris?" (For such be my real handle.)

We'd obviously both paid attention during some long forgotten photo-recognition class in the service. Recognized each other immediately we did.

I introduced milady to The Padre then we hied off to a corner table and chatted while awaiting the rest of our noble band. And had a Guinness to slake the dust of the trail, as it were. (I-95, while not resembling a "dusty trail" per se, does have lots and lots of traffic, even on a Sunday, and I swear not one in ten knew what they were about, in the vehicular conveyance "how to drive" area. Which gave me a powerful "need" for strong drink. Don't make that face, I only had two over the space of five hours. I know my limits, didn't even get close.)

Eventually everyone else arrived. Kris and her husband Jim (The Oracle), John (Surfcaster) and Daryle LaMonica...

No, not that Daryle LaMonica!

We all a great time. Told a lot of stories, had a lot of laughs and reinforced friendships that were formed by a common interest in the writings of "Our Lex."

Oh, have I ever mentioned how fond I am of "bangers and mash"? No? Well, I'll tell you right now, I LOVE "bangers and mash." I just want that out there. In case there is ever a "bangers and mash" contest that needs a judge. And yes, that is what I had for lunch. I'm glad you asked.

There will be a picture, eventually. A group photo of us all. Because as Kris always says,

"If there are no pictures, it didn't happen."


  1. Glad you had a good time. Where in the Lone Star State is Dave headed? Crossing a state boundary is a major endeavor down here. Driving 70 miles to get milk at Sams not so much.

    1. Dallas area as I recall, Plano I believe. Heck-fire! From where you're at that's what, a four hour drive? Hell, you guys are almost gonna be neighbors.


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