Friday, January 2, 2015


On New Year's Eve there was a discussion regarding the plan for New Year's Day. Big Time was keen to watch all three of the afternoon college bowl games and none of us had any idea of where we could do that. The Nuke and The Sea Lawyer live here in the DC area but don't really have the time to check out sports bars.

What with them being young, upwardly mobile professionals. With two dogs.

Two big dogs.

So on New Year's Day, Big Time and his brother, The Godfather (literally, he's Little Bit's godfather) did the research and came up with Theismann's.

Yup, Joe Theismann's Restaurant. Multiple TV screens and conveniently located for all of us.

We watched bits and pieces of college bowl games, saw The Winter Classic being played out on the ice in the great outdoors (much warmer venue than last year!) and indulged ourselves with beverages, appetizers and main courses.

Fun was had by all.

Okay, the teams from the SEC did not have fun yesterday. Nor did the Chicago Black Hawks.

But the combined tribes from Michigan, California, Virginia and Little Rhody had an excellent time. Well, Little Bit would have had a great time had she not been up late the night before. Slept through the entire meal she did.

As for me? Two Guinness and a Philly Cheese Steak.

I'd say that was a fine time.


  1. Another Jersey Boy!
    Now that is how to enjoy the new year.

  2. I will admit to having the TV on, but not paying very close attention until I saw the first SEC team get it's comeuppance.
    What I found to be most ironic about the entire thing ...meaning both playoff games that the old, traditional, match-up at the Rose Bowl would have been the two teams that are now playing for the so-called national championship.
    It really doesn't matter what process is used, because some nitwit will be convinced that the system for picking the participants is unfair.
    He's probably right.
    Besides, the only bowl game that really matters is the one in which your team is playing.
    If you team isn't playing it really sucks and none of the bowl games matter.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Good point about "if your team isn't in it."

      Yes. Happy New Year Skip.

  3. It was good to see Mariota beat that crab-steelin' QB of FSU, and Bama needed to be taken down a notch. Ohio State surprised me, but proved they belong in the playoff. My sister attended UofO so I'm all in on the Ducks.

    1. Copy that.

      I'll be rooting for Oregon.

    2. It was a North-South thing.
      Now it's an East-West thing (why do they call it the Midwest when they're in the Eastern Time Zone?).
      So I suppose I will have to at least acknowledge a passing interest in seeing the Ducks win.
      Oh, and a further irony is they're playing in Texas, which didn't even get to have a dog in the hunt.
      Texans will tell you it wasn't fair.

    3. Well, talk about winning a battle but losing the war. My Aggies won, but lost a whole bunch! Stupid Jerk!

  4. Football or not, sounds like an afternoon well spent. One that will remembered for years to come.

  5. If you went to the one in Alexandria, that's the one I got thrown out of... Something to do with wearing a Cowboys sweatshirt... :-)

    1. Why yes, it was in Alexandria. I thought that was your picture at the front desk.

    2. Heh, probably... They were asses about it, so I was an ass back...


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