Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I spent a large part of my Sunday listening to music while surfing the web of world wideness. Reading the blogs of other folks, chasing links, monitoring Facebook, etc. While not a "productive" day, it was relaxing. A perfect day of rest.

So what do I listen to when the mood strikes? Ah, that depends on the mood I'm in...

I enjoy the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe, that's in my blood, can't help myself. Just about anything Celtic will do however. The Irish have some wonderful music.

Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven and Chopin all tickle my fancy from time to time.

The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Foo Fighters and others have filled my ears with their melodies, rhythms and guitar riffs.

True confessions time, I actually like Nickelback. (I have a few friends who are, no doubt, cringing at the very thought of it!)

While I am not in tune with their ideas of religion, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is an awesome assemblage of vocal talent. I listened to a few of my favorite hymns on Sunday as performed by them. Time well spent if you ask me.

For some odd reason I like Germanic hymns. Or Irish. The former for their power, the latter for their sheer beauty. I cannot listen to Be Thou My Vision without tearing up.

I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to church music. My idea of a "new" hymn is something written by Fanny Crosby. That dear lady died in 1915. Her story is very inspiring. So yes, a traditionalist of sorts. As our church has a fantastic pipe organ, quite old, and in excellent shape, those old hymns sound magnificent when played on that instrument, I can listen to it for hours on end.

Our former organist (sigh, I hated to see her go) was magnificent on that organ. Her postludes were something to experience, she would often treat us to Bach. The first time she did it she was most surprised when upon playing the last note, she was treated to wild applause. When she played there were always a number of us who would stick around, sit and listen.

I also listened to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons on Sunday. What a magnificent work that is.

When I was young, my Dad could often be found pounding on my bedroom door, hollering at me to "Turn that down!"

In those days it was all rock and roll. I had yet to attain enlightenment in the musical realm.

When The Naviguesser first began listening to music I was all taken aback. I had been prepared to go through the old father-son ritual. Pounding on doors, asking if he wished to go deaf and "how can you listen to that noise?"

Imagine my "disappointment" when my son showed a taste for the classics. Heh.

Even the music of my parents' day now appeals to me. Dean Martin, Glenn Miller, the big band era, stuff I disparaged as a callow youth I now find most appealing.

It is fashionable in some circles to criticize and belittle the current generation's taste in music. Well, while I do find some of what's out there unappealing and nasty, there is much that is pleasing to the ear as well.

Each generation has always been convinced that "their music" was far superior to that of their progeny.

It's really a question of preference isn't it? If you like it, enjoy it. If you don't, then don't listen to it. Spare a fellow your opinions, neh? To each his (or her) own.

Music is music.

Except when it is not.

No need for an explanation there, I think.

Nudge, nudge, know what I mean?

I wrote this post on Sunday and scheduled it for Tuesday. The Mad Viking Bubba (which is my new name for Tuna) surprised me by having another trivia Tuesday extravaganza prepared which he apparently wrote in the dead of night long after Your Humble Scribe had retired to his lair. So keep reading, it's a Double Shot Tuesday.


  1. Anything where the Bass can be heard a block away...is Not!

  2. You are correct . . . music is music . . . and there are all kinds, many flavors. I do not cotton to Hip-Hop anything. My grandkids think it's the "cat's pajamas." I'm was never a fan of Elvis. My wife considers him to be the Second Coming." Love the early Beatles. All else is a blur. There's a bunch of classical/opera charts flowing through my memory, courtesy of my second wife. (She has a masters degree in operatic stage direction . . . and was a personal friend to Wagner's granddaughter, Friedelind.) Always had considered Country music beneath me . . . until lately. It's undiscovered territory now. I play drums with a Country/Western Swing band . . . and am having a ball.
    If your interested, you can check us out here: http://www.numberonemusic.com/westernroundup

    1. Seems that Country and Western is still "the cat's meow" with the aviation crowd. My youngest, who didn't use to care for it, now loves it. I blame the scanty oxygen levels at altitude.

  3. Forgive my grammar errors. Should've proofed this before posting.

    1. Hahaha, like I would notice a grammar error.

      FWIW, you are forgiven, (Oh yeah, thanks for the link!)

  4. A pipe organ! That is extremely cool. We have a stick and a piece of wire. And it's usually down with back-ordered parts.

    1. Heh, stick and a piece of wire, very old school. (Like Neolithic old school!)

  5. I always loved the pipes. When I was a bit younger, say about 46 years younger, I purchased a 45 RPM of the Animal's "Sky Pilot". Went home and threw it on the stereo and was puzzled that it wasn't what I had heard on the radio, but very cool. Here it was part two on the B-side. The pipes gave me chills. I think that I ended up listening to that more than the A-side. Some of my other all time favorite R&R songs also have bagpipes. AC/DC's "It's A Long Way To The Top" and The Church's "Under The Milky Way" always get a volume boost when those parts come on. Must be some Celtic blood in my quarter Welsh heritage.............

    Yes, I cringed at Nickelback, but Jethro Tull more than makes up for it.

    1. "Sky Pilot" - loved it, especially for the pipes!

      (I knew some people would wince at Nickelback, hopefully you didn't lose your breakfast over that.)

  6. Not a hip hop fan except for Colt Ford.

  7. I love anything music...except RAP! And some of that is starting to turn me.

    Bag pipes scare me, I keep waiting for an army to come over the mountain and conquer me! My friend Frog is a piper, I am starting to even like the pipes.

    1. Odd that you should mention that Joe. Every time I hear the bagpipes, I have this urge to get a few friends together and invade New Jersey.

      Not to fret though, we'd spare you and Mrs Cranky.

  8. You told me that "Tuesday Trivia" was approved by the guys at Corporate so I figured I better keep the streak going for at least another week!

    1. I know, I saw a post you were working on, figured you weren't doing a Tuesday Trivia this week.

      I talked to Corporate, they are going to sack the guy who gave me the go ahead to post on Tuesday.

      Oh wait, I am Corporate, and I'm the guy who green-lighted my post, I can't sack myself, so...


      Yup, that was my head exploding.

      We'll do better next time.


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