Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuna's Tuesday Trivia - 15Jan Edition

Today's trivia is going to be tough.  Not because I'm trying to be difficult, but because some of the material deals with some foreign and civilian aircraft that most of us probably don't have experience with.


Other than having some tough ones to figure out, the game today is simple.  I'll show you the flight deck of an airplane, (most of them from an email I received the other day), and you try to guess what bird it's from.

a. Ok, I admit, it's not much of a cockpit, but I had to start somewhere- might as well start at the beginning.

b. How about this one- a little closer to home.

c. And this one is even closer

d.  How about something a little older and a little harder?  This one had dual citizenship- USA and France, but the name is more English.

e. This one is definitely English, an uber jarhead.

 g. Lie back, relax and see if you can figure this one out

h. Made in the city named for St. Didacus, but named after the only canonized French King.

h. Quickly now- another French name, but built under an Anglo-French Treaty

i. This one made quite a bit of noise when it came on the scene.

j. I believe it can get you through the night (my apologies to Gary Wright).

k. Making even more noise, this specific airplane was way before "Don't ask, don't tell."

l. This plane would have been good for your sweet tooth after WWII.

m. If you get this one, Halley will be very impressed.

n. Ok, double the points for this one, but I admit, I'm stacking the deck.

o. No afterburners on this bad boy, but it can breathe fire.

All right, pencils down, pass your papers to the front.  The student with the highest score gets two kudos, a BZ, and my undying admiration.

That's enough for your Tuesday entertainment.  Let me know how you did- no cheating.


a. 1903 Wright Flyer
b. F-4 Phantom
c. S-3B Viking
d. F-8 Crusader
e. Supermarine Spitfire
f.  F-16 Falcon
g. Spirit of St. Louis
h. Concorde SST
i.  Bell X-1
j.  Boeing 787 Dreamliner (ok, not Dreamweaver like I alluded to)
k. B-29 "Enola Gay"
l.  Douglas C-47 Skytrain, once known as the Candy Bomber
m. De Havilland DH-106 Comet
n. Airbus A-380, a double-decker
o. MH-53E Sea Dragon


  1. OK, I got these eight:

    c. (just by the hint, and the two-seat side-by-side configuration)
    d (The LTV hint did it),
    e (the british stick and the rearview mirror tipped it, but only after I researched mirrors on Hurricanes)
    g (too easy)
    k. (only because I've been in one)
    l. (same reason)

    Did I win a beer or something?

    1. Yes, you did win a beer. Payable by me next time I'm in DC.

      (I'll collect from Tuna the next time I'm in Sandy Eggo. Don't tell him...)

  2. I got the first two then stopped playing. Once I see a Phantom cockpit I go all dreamy-eyed.

    Seriously though, nice quiz. (You had the answer for f as "F-15 Falcon" - I fixed it before Juvat saw it. I think.)

    1. Thanks for the COTAC work!

    2. Not so fast GI's! I was putting together a pithy comment and got all distracted by that work thing!

    3. What is this "work" thing you speak of?

  3. Good stuff again. I'd have missed four without the hints. With the hints I missed A-380.

    1. I'm guessing you didn't need hints on the birds with hooks.

    2. Pretty much got those. The MH-53 with the starship dashboard threw me for a loop until I thought through the hint. Love the Comet. I've got hours in the Nimrod and they didn't change the front office much. I remember that fan!

  4. OK, I missed the DH106 Comet, but got the rest.

  5. Nice trivia post. I got quite a few of them from the views, some from your clues, and was clueless about the rest.

  6. What a great way to spend a couple of minutes wondering where your brain went. I got the Phantom and a couple of others. My goodness, how things have changed over the years. This was neat, thanks for posting it. How can they possibly fly the 380 with that little tiny stick? I never got to fly anything with a glass cockpit. It is remarkable how the basic position of certain instruments hasn't changed (when you can figure out how to get them on the screen).


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