Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And Now for Something Completely Different! March Madness Edition

I'm not at all a fan of professional Basketball, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of College Basketball either.   Except in March!  I love March Madness- the run up to the tournament with the individual conference tourneys, the announcement of the seeds and who made or didn't make the field, the talk in the office, on TV and sports radio about who got snubbed, followed by the calm analysis of why they really didn't, filling out the brackets, the play-in games, rooting for the underdogs, hoping one of them goes deep into the tourney, realizing I suck at filling out brackets, etc.

 For those of you tuning in to watch our regularly scheduled Tuesday Trivia, it's been pre-empted by this special post.  With that being said, and all the conference tournaments starting this weekend, I thought a little photo-essay of cool basketball courts would be a somewhat interesting subject for today's post.  As for the one above, I'm not sure if the Oregon Ducks started the trend of wild and crazy basketball courts, but they sure have raised the bar.  It definitely fits- both with their Pac-Norwest location, and with their football team wearing the Garanimals of the gridiron.  Ok, that's a bit unfair.  I actually like the Ducks uni's.  Some are a bit wild, but it sure keeps things interesting. My younger sister, a former Duck herself, likes them too, but she's a little biased.

Here's another Pac-12 entry into that club.  I think for these courts you either love 'em or hate 'em.  I like these two, but here's a few that are just garish.

This one, while not exactly ugly, just doesn't add anything to the equation. What is that- follow the yellow brick road?  Two big rams horns- big deal.  Try and impress me next time.

I'm not even sure where this is from, but it reminds me of an ugly tattoo.  It's like those kids that wear prom outfits made from hunting camouflage- yes, you can do it, but just because you can, it doesn't mean you should.

I think this is just conceptual art, not a true court design, but I don't get what this one is supposed to represent.  Is that Nebraska corn?  Maybe it's the amber red waves of grain.

Another concept, but c'mon- palm trees is all you could come up with?  They'll just get knocked down in the next hurricane anyway.

Hoo-wee, it's time to let the good times roll!  Just not on the court.

This one in Florida gives me vertigo.

San Jose State University.  THIS.    IS.   SPARTAAAA.     UGLYYYYYY!

Probably another artist's rendering, and I get the Hawaiian shirt-look attempting to make it reflective of the Islands, but the colors are atrocious and they really contrast with the green border.  Listen to me, I sound like Joan Rivers on the red carpet!

Ok, enough of the ugly, here's more I like.

Long Beach State (CSULB).  Hey Miami, now this is how you do palm trees- less is more.

Here's another beach that isn't too wild either.

CSU Bakersfield in the central valley of California is a little bold for being such an unknown school for B-Ball, but I like their road-runner and blue court.  I think this is a hold-over from when CSULB used to rule their division year after year, but they've since faded into obscurity.

This is CSU Northridge's "Matadome."  I like how they've put their matador at the edge of the court, as if he's holding up the court like a cape.

But they've ruined it with the huge "N" with another mascot image at center court.

Here's some subdued city-scapes I like.

That's the Cincinnati Skyline.  Yeah, I didn't know where Xavier was either.

Not quite as bold as Colorado, but the Mount West Conference Tourney saw this one:

Both the MW and the West Coast Conference hold their tourneys in Las Vegas, which would do well with a city-scape court, but one particular artist had another design for UNLV:

Hey, what happens in Vegas...

This court is finger-licking good!  Not really.

This one is isn't half bad.  They threw a "pick" or two on the basketball court!  

All of these are definitely a shift from the classic courts that might only have a small logo in the center, which to me is "do more with less."

Ok, it's not that small, but I like the simplicity.

The subdued shamrock is a nice addition.

But the best court has to be this one:

The first "Carrier Classic" on the deck of the USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70)
Too bad the Naval Academy couldn't play Army on the deck of a ship.  Talk about your home court advantage!

Well, time to go watch some basketball.  Who's in your Final Four?


  1. Well, you know my feelings about the tournament don't quite match yours. As for some of these courts, I'd find them horribly distracting from the game play. Are you familiar with the old NBA Toronto Raptors court? They had trompe l'oeil at both ends (out of bounds) that gave the impression of a 3-D barrier of sorts. I never saw a game there in person, but when I watched one from there on TV, I was continually annoyed by it. It looked as though a player was going to trip on it or run into it every time.


  2. I'm with Sully on this one, both about the tournament and the courts. How would a player (or a ref) on the Gator court know when they're getting close to OOB? More tuition money gone to waste.

    1. Sorry, but an interesting post anyhow, Tuna. Good Job.

  3. Disagree with your dislike of March Madness...completely agree with the distracting court designs. Well I agree that you dislike MM, but I think it is a fun tournament...certainly beats figure skating this time of the year. MM just means you have to start limbering up for fast pitch softball.

    1. joeh, I think you didn't see my first paragraph. I LOVE March Madnness!!! I just don't follow NCAA B-Ball until March.

  4. Playing catch up here, just flew in from California (and yes, my arms ARE tired).

    I don't follow hoops except for a wee dram here and there. There is much to be said for the college game, less so for the NBA. But to each his/her own.

    Nice post Tuna, very graphical and somewhat startling. Who knew? (Not me, that's for sure.)


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