Sunday, March 29, 2015


The Motor Pool
All day Saturday we had light snow, very wet, not sticking to anything. The weather-guessers' call for 1 to 3 inches seemed a bit of an over-guesstimate.

Before retiring for the evening, I took a look outside...

Hhmm, maybe they weren't so far off...

...for a change.

Back yard

Ah well, most of the snow which fell in January, February and the beginning of March is gone from my yard. It's still piled up in the yards of the houses across the street, which face north. But I can see that the piles are getting smaller and smaller.

I saw a video that an old comrade had posted on Facebook...

He went sledding on Saturday. With his new GoPro camera and his dog.

The dog appeared to be having a great time.

There's still a lot of snow up there in "The Kingdom" where my friend lives.

A lot of snow.


A lot of mud with a bit of snow on top.

Spring can be such a messy month.

The Northeast Kingdom is the northeast corner of the U.S. state of Vermont, comprising Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties and having a population at the 2010 census of 64,764. In Vermont, the written term "NEK" is often used. The term "Northeast Kingdom" is attributed to George D. Aiken, former Governor of Vermont and a U.S. senator, who first used the term in a 1949 speech. The area is often referred to by Vermonters simply as "The Kingdom". W
Of course I call it "The Kingdom."

I was born a Vermonter, doesn't matter that I don't live there anymore, in my heart I'm a Vermonter still.

It's probably why I get a little depressed when the last of the snow is gone.

I'll be all better once the daffodils are up.

Four seasons.

It's why I live in New England.


  1. Four seasons are good. It's better when the long one allows you to be outside and not dressed in a parka.

    1. I look at wearing a parka as the opportunity to have more pockets available for stuff.

      Though yeah, it does get bulky.

  2. And they could harmonize pretty good too.

  3. You consider fixin' to be winter, winter, still winter and the fourth of July as four seasons??? :-)

    1. Actually it's not that bad Cajun.

      Though there are days when it feels like that.

    2. C'mon Cajun, you studied meteorology in flight school! You know they've got the Gulf Stream to moderate the weather up there. Them four seasons are: fixin; to be winter, winter, still winter and the third, fourth and fifth of July!

  4. I know you're tired of snow, but nature is being kind to ya'll Yankees. We got dozens of "can't wait no mo" gardeners already got their 'maters out. They're gonna be crushed. Happens every time we get a teaser spring.

    1. When I was a kid we called a late snow like that "poor man's fertilizer."

      Some still do from what I understand.

      ("Teaser spring" - great term for it.)


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