Saturday, March 14, 2015


My ladies, out on the town.
I consider myself a lucky guy.

A beautiful wife, a handsome son and two lovely daughters.

I have three incredible grandchildren.

My children all have someone in their lives who makes them happy.

Mustn't forget the cats. They are fine company, though they do get a bit pushy around meal times. It seems that they think I'm not that bright and if they don't constantly jump up on my desk and meow at me I might forget to feed them.

That has never happened. But they apparently worry that someday it might.

Right now, as has been the case for a couple of years, The Missus Herself is, what I like to call "forward deployed." Out there in the wilds of the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Since The WSO and her tribe were assigned to NAS Lemoore, The Missus Herself has spent a lot of time out there.

Seems that with a husband constantly flying (well, he is an instructor pilot) and having to fly herself, The WSO needs the occasional support of her Mom to keep an eye on our oldest granddaughter.

Though Little Bit is very smart and quite capable for a four year old (almost five she will remind me) she is, after all, only four. She can't quite take care of herself.

Though she assures us all that "I'm a big girl now."

Yes, she is.

Now The WSO is, once again, in need of assistance.

So I am here, at Chez Sarge, by myself. Just me and the cats. Keeping an eye on things.

Life might not be exciting at the moment, but life is good.

Exciting can be overrated...

Yes, that little dot is a Super Hornet. Yes, I really do need a better camera.
Um, want, I want a better camera.
(We're trying to teach the little ones the difference between "want" and "need."

I need the occasional reminder as well.)

Another dot, er, I mean jet.

The view from The WSO's guest room.

Anya wants to know if it's time to eat again.

Sasha knows that it's not. But she'll take a treat (or two) if I have a mind to.


  1. Dang Sarge! Lemoore is desperately in need of some scenery! When the highest thing in the area is the two story house across the street, it needs some verticality.

    1. Yeah, it's what you might call "flat." Really flat.

      On clear days you can see the mountains. It wasn't very clear that day.

  2. Yep . . . all is well with the family and the roof don't leak. Life is good. (You're right, "exciting" is overrated.)

    1. As the snow melts and the rain falls, I definitely look for leaks. Been there, done that - it was far too exciting.

  3. Anya and Sasha look like slightly less fuzzy/sheddy versions of my little buddy Sox.

    1. Sox is a most impressive feline. I'm guessing that he's a bit bigger than my ladies (who go about ten pounds each).

      Believe me though, these two shed like crazy. Each day we gather enough fur to build another cat.

  4. Our li'l buddy, Sebastian, is a typical teen (in cat years).
    He doesn't like the food at home, but will eat anything at his friend's place.


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