Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Good Day

Every now and then I'll head over to the Wayback Machine and pick a random post from the Neptunus Lex archives. Today I did that while bemoaning the fact that after two great weekends in a row, this weekend it's just me and the felines. So this post somehow resonated with me today.

The first line of that poem over there especially rang true, particularly when read with Brian's comment, "What if your dreams and fears existed in the same place? They do - they are my kids." That really struck home after the wonderful weekend I spent with The Nuke at the end of September.

My wife, my kids and their significant others, and now my grandkids, are really my world. I work in order to afford a place to live and food to eat. I exist simply for those times when I can go visit my kids.

Well, truth be told, my Mom, my brothers and their families are also a huge part of my world now. As she gets older I worry about her more and more. I cannot picture a world without her, yet that could happen. It happened with my Dad over five years ago. I'm still somewhat in denial about that.

Hold onto your loved ones, someday everything could change.

Some pictures from that magical day spent with my daughter...

The Sarge and the sea.

Cormorants sunning themselves on Goose Neck Cove, next to Ocean Avenue.
Be sweet to live here, except when a hurricane or a Nor'easter is inbound.
Entrance to Goose Neck Cove, looking out at the Atlantic.
A crane looking for lunch, lobster pots piled in the background.
Another crane going about his/her business.
Cormorant on watch, entrance to Goose Neck Cove.
Entrance to Narragansett Bay, looking towards Point Judith.
As can be seen by the flags, the wind was pretty strong that day.
Earth, sea and sky. Brenton Point, RI
Looking southeast towards Price Neck.
The never ending contest between the sea and the land.
Truly a beautiful day.
Yeah, I need a boat. Better yet, a friend with a boat!
The water sparkles like diamonds.
The ruins of an old mansion on Brenton Point. All that's left is these ruins and parts of the old carriage house.
On June 3, 1984, the Tall Ship S/V MARQUES, a participant in the Cutty Sark International Tall Ships Race between Bermuda and Nova Scotia, encountered a violent squall about eighty miles northeast of Bermuda. Almost without warning, and within seconds of starting to take on water, the vessel sank with the loss of nineteen of the twenty-eight persons on board. . .   A sailing program run by the American Sail Training Association ("ASTA"), had arranged for six sail trainees to crew for the MARQUES during the race. (Source)
Bark Marques (Source)
Newport Harbor, The Claiborne Pell Bridge in the background which runs from Aquidneck Island to Conanicut Island.
The Newport skyline. 'Tis a lovely town indeed.
We ended the day at the Atlantic Beach Club. A Guinness and a plate of fried clams, life can be good!


  1. Most Excellent Post, my friend!. We had an incident this weekend that drove your point home. Fortunately, other than bangs and bruises all are fine.

    1. Thanks Juvat. Wow, an incident? Those can be truly scary when loved ones are involved.

      Glad everyone is okay!

  2. Replies
    1. It is beautiful. Of course, I'll have to take pictures this winter to show the other side of the coin.

      It can get brutal here but fortunately that's fairly rare.

  3. What a great area! Pic #3 reminds me of the point where my brother rented a house 40+ years ago.

    1. It is truly lovely down on the island. Truly expensive too as far as housing prices go.

      It would be nice though, even if just for a week or so.

  4. Great pictures Sir. When it does get brutal there, I would much rather be here! :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ron.

      North Carolina in the winter is no doubt nicer than New England at that time!

  5. "Hold onto your loved ones, someday everything could change."

    Amen to that.

    ...and a friend with a boat is cool, too.
    Just remember to help when it is time to clean the hull.

  6. My wife has enlisted the help of Terrance Reginald Gnome to explore a few interesting places in Newfoundland.

    1. Wow, I had no idea that Newfoundland was so pretty. I'd go in the summer though, can't imagine what it's like in the winter!

  7. I see the trained cormorants, but cannot find the lighthouse, nor the polititian.

    1. Lighthouse? Politician? (Oh wait, those are just off the screen.)

  8. At our age, our families ARE what we live for. We've pushed them out of the nest, and we watch with bated breath...

    1. Very true Cajun. So far mine seem to be doing just fine. But one never stops worrying.


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