Thursday, October 8, 2015

The East - West Summit of 2015

Delegates relaxing before the plenary session.
So it came to pass that the East Coast / West Coast delegations of The Chant gathered to lay out territorial jurisdictions, secret protocols and various and sundry (not to mention divers) details necessary to the running of a fine blog such as the one your are reading right now.

The delegate from Texas wasn't present. We thought of him, spoke of him and wished he were with us, because in his absence we would have to buy our own drinks.

In actuality, Tuna was here in Little Rhody for work and as such we decided to gather together in conclave and elect a new pope.

Um no. That's something else...

Tuna and I met up at his hotel and headed down to the shore for a meal of seafood, a couple of adult beverages and a certain number of "There I was..." stories. All true and completely unembellished, I'm sure.

One thing I've noticed as I get older is that I tend to tell the same stories over and over. I would start to tell Tuna a story and he'd say "you posted about that, that's a great story!" So I really had to scramble to find new material.

Actually we had a great time for the couple of hours we stole from our busy schedules.

So what did we accomplish? Other than putting a dent in the local lobster / scallop / key lime cheesecake populations? (Betcha didn't know that key lime cheesecake is raised domestically in Little Rhody. We used to eat the wild ones but they're a bit gamy to the taste.)

Well, for one thing we granted Juvat basing rights in the Northeast and in the San Joaquin Valley of California. In return he promises to let us use his garden hose should our houses catch fire. (There's a Roosevelt / Churchill theme there if you know your history.) I wanted to hold out for a number of old four stack destroyers but Tuna pointed out that Juvat, like myself, was Air Force, where would he get destroyers from?

Good point.

Seriously, it was fun. This is the third time I've had the chance to sit down with Tuna and shoot the breeze. One of these days I will have a sit down with Juvat. It's bound to happen.

So a short post tonight, it's past my bedtime and my work is not going to do itself tomorrow. Believe me, I've tried to program my desk computer to do just that, it never knows which charge numbers to use, it forgets to talk to my co-workers and then I get phone calls and so I have to go in anyway. It's also been noticed that the big cardboard cutout I have of myself sitting at my desk looks as if a five year old did it with crayons.

"So what's your point?" I ask.


The first ever Tuna and Sarge selfie.
(鮪 と軍曹)

The sun sets on another excellent day at The Chant.


  1. Glad you two had a good time. As I've said, Ya'll are welcome down here anytime.

    1. Can you get any four stack destroyers?

      Not that any inability on your part to do so would prevent me coming to Texas...


    2. I'd visit, if only there was someplace in Texas for some good German food and beer. Actually, my Dad lives in San Antonio, so it wouldn't be a stretch.

    3. I'm guessing that you're going all tongue in cheek here Tuna. Heck where Juvat lives might as well be in the Bundesrepublik! Lots of Deutschers in that AO.

  2. You reminded me of the early early hours of world news now when the two hosts used to use a cardboard cutout to sit in for the other when they weren't in that day. I think it was Aaron Brown and Lisa McRee. It used to be amusing to watch the news. I guess y'all ate all them wild key limes before I moved to Rhode Island the first time. We had to make do with the Newport Creamery.

    1. Ah the Newport Creamery...

      They used to be legion, all across Rhode Island and southeastern Massachussetts. Then a thief bought the company, looted it and now, much like the buffalo, only a few remain.

      Had one not far from the manse, I would actually walk there for the Awful Awful. Sadly, it's gone.

      There are only ten left, at last count.

  3. The two of you together look too devilishly dangerous for my tastes--add juvat to the mix and y'all might reach critical mass! (Of, er, sorts) Be warned! :)

    1. Add Juvat to the mix and no doubt we could rule the world!

      Or make enough trouble to give the locals fits and cause restraining orders to be issued.

    2. We'd need VX in the mix, Can't rule the world without a four ship.

  4. Way cool indeed. Still bugged about missing Tuna when I was in San Diego last year.

    As for Destroyers, I'm betting that we could cut the cables and get the Joseph Kennedy Jr. at Fall River away from it's berth before they realized what was happening. Justb putting that out there. (I know, it only has two stacks...)

    1. That would work.

      You scare me sometimes Murph. In a good way.


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