Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oh Deer...

What does this guy want? Can't a girl eat breakfast without being gawked at?

On my way to work Friday morning I spotted a creature by the roadside.

Checking six I ascertained that no other vehicles were cluttering up the roadway (see in the rear view mirror) so I stopped, popped out the cellphone, activated the camera, then rolled forward a bit more for a better shot.

Now that deer on the left was the creature that had initially caught my attention, she had been right beside the road, just behind a light pole. When I rolled forward a piece for a better angle, she got a mite skittish and pulled back nearer cover.

'Twas then that I spotted the second doe, that young lady on the right. They appear to be yearlings, at least that's what I'm guessing as they were kind of small to be full grown.

Both were a little nervous but not that much, observe that their tails are down. If they were a bit more anxious those tails would be flicking. While trying to decide whether to roll or hold position, deer will start nervously flicking their tails. Their ears will also be trying to get a fix on any perceived threat. Once they decide to boogy, those tails will go damn near straight up and that's the last you see of them when they disappear into the brush.

I didn't bother them much, just snapped the one photo, said "G'day ladies," and with a tip of the cap I went on my merry way.

Sure I groused about the fact that I had to spend what was turning into a beautiful day, at work, deep in the bowels of the computer lab, where the sun don't shine.

But on the whole, going to work, doing my job, gives me the money I need to pay the bills and occasionally kick back and enjoy life.

And enjoy it I do. I am blessed and ever thankful for that.


  1. The two of them are about the size of the deer around here.
    The white tails don't get too big.
    About the only time we see one is if it runs across a road in front of the car.

    1. We see them from time to time, there is a large population in these parts.

      We have an entire herd on the grounds where I work, some of them (including the buck) are pretty good sized.

  2. Watching the deer is entertaining. Got 60 acres behind the house and I keep a little of it mowed short
    so the tender grasses grow that the deer love and it brings them close to the house. Last Saturday
    night my dogs were really raising a ruckus so I went out to see what was going on and two bucks were
    fighting just the other side of our back fence. I tried to get pictures of them but my phone camera just
    doesn't do well on night shots.

  3. All well said; no disagreement here on all counts. And love seeing Deer - we have large herds that roam in our yard. Haven't seen much of them this summer and i've heard that their food supply in the woods is rich for the start of the colder weather. Which, after last year - seeing 2 or 3 of them literally starving to death in front of our eyes - gives me hope for them.

    1. Good news that they have a good food supply.

      Last year was a tough winter.

  4. Good pic, Sarge. Their tails are down but those ears are certainly perked up and open to any threatening sounds. Deer come out of the woods in back of our house and graze in our sloping front yard where the grass is unusally thick over the field drains. At night, turning in our drive, we sometimes see as many as ten to twelve pairs of eyes staring at us. If we cruise slowly up our long drive and don't stop, they're so used to us now that they usually just look at us and don't bolt.

    1. We used to see a lot of them where I grew up. My brother (who lives in the old homestead) says they still do.

      The herd at work pretty much ignore the humans as we come and go. Though last year someone cut a hole in the fence, the security folks think it was poachers. Don't know what ever came of that though.

  5. Like them when they are not on the road I'm driving. In deer country there are three kinds of drivers. One: Has hit a deer. Two: Will hit a deer. Three: Will hit a deer again.
    On the route I drive, I dodge a Bambi at least once a week. Will get worse once they move to their winter range.

    1. Have never hit a deer in my car, know some folks who have. Not a pretty sight.

    2. The wonder is that you allow them in your car in the first place!

      Sorry, sorry, sometimes I can't hep m'sef.

  6. Herding prey animals. When exposed to humans and human stuff long enough and close enough their flight zone shrinks remarkably. The whitetail and muleys we have out here bug out when the 200 yard line is crossed.


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