Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Miscellany

For the first time in years, Big Time and The WSO were unable to be at Tail Hook or to attend the Hornet Ball. They both have pretty good excuses.

The WSO was in the process of having a baby. For those who don't know, that tends to demand a lot of your time.

Big Time also had to head out to sea once more. He sent me that lead in picture, he didn't take it but was kind enough to shoot the Sarge a copy.

Speaking of Big Time and The WSO, she just flew out to meet up with her hubby. Leaving her mum, The Missus Herself to watch over the granddaughters. Not to worry, The Nuke flew out to lend a hand. But this weekend will no doubt be a challenge for my better half, The Nuke heads home on Saturday and The WSO doesn't return until Monday.

It's not like she hasn't been left behind with a couple of wee ones to keep an eye on. Seems I may have done that to her a time or too, back when I wore the Air Force blue.

Speaking of Air Force blue, I finished reading Robin Olds' memoirs this weekend. It was one of those books I didn't want to end. I had tears in my eyes as I read the last few words, closed the book, set it down on my coffee table and thought about having a cold one.

As it was still morning, I passed on the adult beverage. Still and all, that book was incredible. I give it...
Yup, five out of five.

Get it, read it.

They broke the mold when they made General Olds.

Ah well, I don't have much else to relate but I do have a video to share.

I have got to get back into the air.


  1. That carrier looks nekkid with so few airplanes on deck.

    Great book.

    1. Especially with MIGs in the vicinity. I'm just hopin ther's a Hornet out the right side of the photo. Never trust the Rooskies or their jets.

    2. OBTW, a 5 ship of which I have flown is typically lead and two twos on each wing. Three off the wing gets a little ragged by the time control inputs get passed down three on a turn into. Course if the book is really good, # 5 is also, so should be rock steady.

    3. Makes sense. I confess to being lazy when I created that graphic and just slapped #5 off of #4's wing.

      A five ship seems like a cumbersome formation no matter how you stack it. I suppose it's better than being alone over hostile territory but that's one ship with no wingman. (Said the non-pilot ex-maintainer.)


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