Friday, March 11, 2016

No Post Today

Thanks Microsoft, your latest update messed up Google Chrome. Big time. Attempting to start it causes it to sh!t the bed. Apparently Vista is on the outs with Google.

So I downloaded Firefox. Which I use at work. I don't care for it but at least it's better behaved than Internet Explorer.

Due to those issues I was unable to put together a post in any reasonable amount of time last night.

Though my computer started behaving, somewhat, it was too late and I was too angry to write a post.

Maybe later on Friday.

There are days that I hate computers.

Yesterday was one of them.

Let's see how today goes.



  1. A year or so ago, the Browser Wars started. Pre-War things pretty much worked in all the browsers, so out staff and students could use whichever browser blew their skirt up. Now, we've got multiple software packages that ONLY work on one. What a pain! The tech savvy ones get it, but every day we get help request that say "xxxxx used to work, but doesn't anymore." Where before our opening salvo was "Cycle the Russian Switch" (The OnOff button), now we say "Try a different Browser". But they're so used to double clicking and having a program "just work", they don't get it. What a pain!
    But...Sarge, Vista?
    I didn't think MS was still updating that anymore.

    1. No, MS hasn't stopped supporting Vista just yet. I have it because I have software that may not work on later versions of Windows and I don't wish to "upgrade." To 7 or 8 or 10 to find out that stuff won't work.

      I miss the days of backwards compatibility.

    2. No money in it for MS. Buy my latest & greatest. Have to keep that revenue stream up.

    3. You've got it exactly right Ron.

    4. Google themselves telling you it's time to move on:

    5. Oh I've been getting the pop-up messages too.

  2. And don't forget to get the ad blocker app from good. If you have any time to learn a OS, try Linux mint. My so likes it. I just cannot get her to try opera, browser did nice and built in an ad blocker that works with Google, my carrier. JUST the Google ads get in now, durn.

    1. I do have an ad blocker in Google Chrome, which works great BTW, some sites I visit will say, "Please turn off your ad blocker because..." which is when I quickly navigate away from that site. But I'll get one for Firefox too, why not? (Best part of the one I use now? Blocks ALL of the ads on YouTube. Love it.)

      Once again, if I changed operating systems I'm not sure how it would impact my existing software. Lots of money and time invested there, don't wish to screw that up.

      But we shall see. Thanks for the tips though, something to keep in mind in the future.

  3. My old friend upstairs, running XP Pro, is still humming along just fine. Its firefox is about 3 years behind because my new friend and I decided to ditch it and I never went back to update the old girl. I have another old friend (he was actually at Pearl Harbor during the nazi attack!) and he used to update his office computers religiously. Every time something new came down the pike, he was on it and upgrading until he got slimed by NMCI and EDS. After that, he physically unplugged his machine every night so it wouldn't run any upgrades without him. (His computer was a deceptive little minx). He still got slimed by every NMCI upgrade but at least he could watch it happen in disgust.

    We likes chrome but we let nothing update itself. We leave the old friend alone and it respects us enough to reliably boot and run every single time we call it. Of course, chrome never worked on it and we left it at Firefox.

    and yes, we are aware that Belushi was a comic genius and we liked his rant at Animal House enough to sometimes, repeat a little of it.

    1. Ya know, I keep hearing about Windows 10 and the admonition to turn off the automatic updates. And every time I receive the auto update message I wish that I had shut the damn thing off.

      Next time. Next time.

      (You can always quote Belushi here. "No fries, chips.")

    2. Here's a Powershell script I just found that resets your Privacy Settings. Seems that company out of Redmond has taken to resetting your privacy settings the way they'd like during their update installation. This script resets them to the way you'd like. I've got it set as a scheduled task every night. Probably doesn't work on Vista. But when you finally succumb.... :-)

      Don't stop him (HMS Defiant), he's on a roll!

  4. Over hill over dale we're just rolling along. It's the field artillery song! We lost one this week at the clearing at the end of the path. I was waiting for news about his girl.


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