Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Okay, Okay, I Get It!

Whenever I have a post with a foreign language title, the number of hits on that post goes way down. Now I'm not saying anything regarding my legions of loyal readers, not at all. (And by the way, in Roman military terms a legion was composed of up to 6,000 men. In my parlance a "legion of readers" is three or four.)

I guess folks see the foreign title and assume I'm writing something esoteric and even (perhaps) weird. Sometimes I just get carried away.

So I'll try and restrain myself in the future.

But what happened in Brussels still pisses me off.



  1. Replies
    1. Roger that Joe.

      Verstehen Sie mich nicht auf Warenkörben beginnen.

  2. You may occasionally be a curmudgeon, but you are always readable. Count me as just another legionnaire.

    1. Re: "occasionally be a curmudgeon" - that tells me I need to work harder at it!

      (Thanks Dave!)

  3. You don't want those readers anyway, Sarge.
    They're too judgmental.
    ...und sie werden assholes.

    1. Auf Deutsch wir sagen "Arschlochen," nicht "assholes." Aber ich verstehe!

  4. Moi aussi, mais mes légions sont plus petits.

  5. "Sometimes I just get carried away.
    So I'll try and restrain myself in the future."

    Nah, lack of restraint is good for what ails the soul and you tend to wax poetic
    when you get carried away. Go for it!

  6. Replies
    1. Think big, why not call yourself Legatus Ianthinarum Maximus. It has a certain gravitas to it.


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