Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sunsets & Jets

Jets.  I love 'em.  Can't get enough of 'em.  Call it an occupational hazard if you will, maybe an obsession if you need to be honest.  It's what we here at The Chant did-  Juvat flew 'em, I flew in 'em, and Sarge fixed  'em.   None of us still do of course- everybody gets out of the military eventually, but for all of us I expect, that career remains in us, and our blood is maybe even a little tainted with JP-5.  I peruse Panoramio, Flicker and Photobucket periodically, scrolling through the jet pics, lifting a few for my own virtual collection.  Not necessarily just to post them here, but sometimes I feel a little guilty when I haven't posted recently, especially with my call-sign so prominently displayed above.

Sunset over Mission Bay, San Diego                                              Panoramio
Sunsets.  I really love them too.  I wrote about why that is here, but it's also because I've grown to appreciate beauty more, and that a sunset marks some good work behind you, or a great day off.

I've used Jets and Sunsets for a post before, but Redux, and Episode II just don't fit and Part Deux reminds me too much of that cheesy movie.  Hence the reworked title.

Not much more needs to be said.  I like the pics, and I like to share, so that's all you get.  Just be happy I'm not pontificating about Trump.

Lockheed Martin

Coronado Bridge                                       James Maher Photography

Russian Su-30

This photo is intended solely for entertainment purposes and is not to be construed, under any circumstances, to be considered an endorsement of the Russian Federation by the management or the part-time help here at Chant du Depart.

Crystal Pier  San Diego                                                           Donald McTim

Sunset from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai
Chemtrails pic for the conspiracy theorists.
California Tower at the Museum of Man, Balboa Park San Diego     Flickr
AV-8B aboard the USS BOXER                                                             Navy.mil
Sunset Cliffs San Diego                                                        Peter Tellone
Boeing 747


Coronado Bridge Sunset


Not much of a post, and throwing up a bunch of pics is pretty much phoning it in, especially when I pander to Sarge and Juvat by adding some their livery, but that's all I can muster up for you today.    


  1. Wow. Some breath-taking shots there Tuna.

    Makes for a nice start to my Tuesday!

  2. "Just be happy I'm not pontificating about Trump."

    Mmmmm... ok!

  3. I particularly like the 747, and the Phantom.

  4. Very nice photos, Tuna. My time in aircraft has always been as passenger . . . never crew. (Although there was one flight when I rode in the cockpit of a C-141, Hawaii to Japan. Got to sit in the jump seat and have the 1st officer demonstrate the controls for me. A different perspective, looking out a front window versus the side view.)
    My photo collection tends to be of ground crawlers, trucks and buses and such. Here's one of my favorites:

    1. That's a great, and gritty, shot! I've got quite a few airplane shots that I took myself, but these days, they're all borrowed.

  5. I've always loved that image of that slicked up F-4E with the sun setting in the background. I'm assuming that jumble of rocks in the inlet at Sunset Cliffs is erosion control?

    1. Affirm. Although it hasn't helped enough. We just lost a ton of the cliff last month. The two pictures in the article below are of the same area. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2016/feb/25/sunset-cliffs-collapse-el-nino/

  6. Always loves some plane pron, great shots all. The Coronado Bridge reminds me of my North Island days when you had to either drive down to Imperial Beach or ride the Nickel Snatcher (ferry) across to pull liberty in San Diego. I flew into North Island in '74 on my one and only S-3 flight from Pax River on emergency leave to bury my estranged father. I hadn't been back to SD since the bridge was built and was happy the taxi ride to SD airport was that much shorter.

    1. That bridge and I are the same age- You need to get back to San Diego!

    2. Wow. I had no idea the bridge was that old...

    3. Yeah! and still standing, flipping amazing!

      Su-30 sure is a dorky looking airplane on the ground. Would look real good in my gunsight though.

    4. You guys are hilarious. Good thing you're bloggers and not comedians! :)


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