Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Old Guys Rock...

1948 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta*
Heard this song on the radio on the drive home from work yesterday - while thinking, "What to blog about, what to write about?" Whoa, there's my answer, right there on the radio. I am working on another post about that tank duel in Cologne, but I needed a break from the grimness of war. This fit the bill. (Not to mention but DST is eating my freaking lunch this week, I needed an easy post! I get the concept of DST but oh my aching butt it's tiresome!)

Haven't heard that song in a while.

Rush, left to right: Alex Lifeson - 65, Geddy Lee - 65, Neil Peart - 66
Like I said, old guys rock, as does Canada. (Hey, I'm two months older than Geddy!)

Many memories are attached to this song, the first which sprang to mind was a trip to the commissary and Post Exchange (PX) at Schinnen in the Netherlands, a small U.S. Army post, now closed. I had scored a two cassette copy of Rush's greatest hits at the PX and while The Missus Herself and the progeny did the grocery shopping, I sat in the old white Jetta and rocked out to the music of Rush, which I had not heard since the mid '70s.

I'm pretty sure it was the first time I'd heard Red Barchetta, which has remained a favorite ever since.

Yes, I think I was told to "turn that down" on the drive home. Which I did, reluctantly...

Geddy Lee is the best bassist on the planet, in my estimation, his bass lines along with Neil Pert's drumming are a great combination. Alex Lifeson's harmonic work on this song is simply amazing. To me at any rate.

While your mileage may vary, I thought Rush was awesome.

And that car!


* Little Boat in Italian


  1. Guess I don't share the love for a car like that Ferrari so many have. I see that 1948 model and think..."If that flips over where's the roll cage?...and since it's 1948 probably no seat belt." Ya I know.... no romance in me......sigh. Vehicles for me are to get me from point A to point B along with the ability to carry stuff. Now that Ferrari does have smooth lines but meh....... where do the groceries go? Never had the money or the inclination to have a car to drive just because of the driving experience. For those of you who do, I'll lift my glass to toast your love of a well-crafted machine. Now put me on the runway next to a Hellcat or a P47D or a long nose FW 190,.... hey babe!!

    1. I'm not really a car guy, but I do like the lines of that Barchetta. Almost looks like a fighter plane.

      As for vehicles I like to own, practical trumps fancy, every day. But hey, I drive an Element, what do I know? (Love my Element I do.)

    2. I'm with you Nylon, on both sides of that comment. I had an RX-7 convertible in Hawaii. It was nice to drive there as I was going opposite traffic to work. But, couldn't use it on the weekends because kids. Wasn't any fun in DC because traffic AND kids. Now I drive a crew cab truck. I can haul stuff and people, if need be.
      I agree with your choices of aircraft, although I'd add Spitfire and Corsair. Mustang, of course, but not the two seat version.

    3. I get the practicality thing. But who wants toys that are practical?

      Ditto on the Spitfire, Corsair, and Mustang. (Two-seat versions don't count.)

    4. I've always loved vans and trucks, the more industrial looking the better.

      But then again, I think the B-25, heck most of the medium bomber series (except for the Hudson and such) to be 'sexy.' Big, tough, gets the job done, carries a load etc.

      To me there is a 'sexiness' to properly making function work.

      And, well, sometimes function can beat form any day. Used to waste the Porches and such in town with my Ford Aerostar (with the 2.8L Mustang engine.)

  2. Fiat do a Barchetta😅
    Ps. Saw Rush in 76. Been listening ever since. They take some topping.

  3. I bought a Fiat 850 convertible.
    Based on that experience there won't ever be a Fiat, or a convertible in the garage.
    On the other hand, when it was running it was a lot of fun to drive.

    I'm on jury duty today, much like the military due to the waiting.

    1. Jury duty? BTDT, twice. First time was hang out for three days (the week before Labor Day) while the lawyers and judges tried to figure out if they had enough time to try a case, or could it be settled. Eventually we all went home, no trial. Second time, two weeks on an actual jury, it was an education, let me tell you.

      Fiat = Fix It Again Tony.

    2. Could listen all day to that bass.
      The Ferrari is almost like a piece of artwork, which puts it into a different realm from most cars.
      The first new car I ever kept was a red ‘69 Alpha Romeo roadster. The only drawback to that car was that a lot of folks thought it was a Fiat 850.

    3. The current vehicle, I bought a Dodge Ram (right before Ram became it's own company, instead of a division) Promaster City. It's a euro-styled mid-size van, built in Turkey for Fiat and sold by Dodge, now Ram. It works. It carries, hauls, and is comfortable at less than 400 miles a day. About average for work vans.

      Now to see if they fixed the corrosion problem of the 70's... Hope so.

    4. Skip - Love the way Geddy Lee plays the bass.

    5. Beans - Vans have a certain "coolness" factor.

  4. I'm much more partial to Tom Sawyer, but Red Barchetta is a great song as well. Never new what a Barchetta was before today! As for yesterday's post- I forgot all about that picture of us. Good looking dudes indeed!

    1. Well, you are a modern day warrior...


    2. Speaking of which, how's the Neal Peart starter kit coming along?

    3. Still playing, I love it. The Missus Herself has mixed feelings...

  5. Not sure that I have listened to Rush before. Two other things I'd never seen before: 1) a bass as lead guitar, and 2) someone in a suit and tie playing in a rock and roll band.

    As to cars, I lusted after the Datsun 240Z when it first came to the U.S. and the Z models thereafter ( except the 260Z ). After running into a police car, I was finally able to buy a used 280Z, which I traded in on a new 280ZX less than a year later. Drove the ZX for ten years and put over 100,000 miles on it before my wife made me get rid of it.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  6. Had a 1960, red, MGA. Took it to Itazuke and sold it after three years (1964). Took the proceeds and bought the 1964 Porsche SC. Sold the 1964 Porsche SC in 2013 or so. Miss it today. Dated wife in the car. Baby boy Chris rode in one of those plastic seats from Victorville to San Francisco, on the front right floorboard. Japan had an interesting tax structure for NEW imported cars. My grandson loved to ride in the Porsche. Think about it. The car would have melted here in Florida anyway.

  7. Hey AFSarge;

    I didn't really get into Rush until I heard their "Roll the Bones" album....I know...Heathen I am


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