Thursday, June 20, 2019

Cuppla Things...

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Had an email from Harvey, the guy who wrote the post up there, asking if I'd be interested in getting links from IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion) for possible publication here at the Chant. Well, I was skeptical at first, I am naturally suspicious, don't let my air of carefree hilarity confuse you, so I decided to go there and see for myself.

About an hour later, when I had stopped laughing hysterically (and telling the paramedics, "No, really, I'm okay.") I decided to give IMAO a spot on the sidebar, at the very top.

What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously though, go check them out, Sarge Recommended, Sarge Approved. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Anyhoo, they link us, we link them. As long as they're not weird or extremists of some sort. (I don't care for extremists of any persuasion, enthusiasm can be misplaced.)

Right there...

Work has been busy, busy, busy as of late, which is a good thing. It's interesting work and my co-workers seem to appreciate my boyish enthusiasm and trove of Anglo-Saxon bon mots and crude epithets. Well, they don't laugh as nervously as they used to. I grow on people, not like a fungus, more like a pair of comfortable slippers on a cold winter's eve.

Or something.

Anyhoo, it leaves less time for blogging then I have had in times past, so...

No, no, don't panic, I will still keep posting, though the posts might get a little shorter. Scott the Badger asked if I was going to post on the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot (aka the Battle of the Philippine Sea) the other day. Great suggestion but I don't like to go off half-cocked on a historical post. No, really.

So you won't see those in the middle of the week, unless I'm on vacation or something. As much as I like to write about history, that does take a bit of work to get it right. So gomen nasai and all that.

Here's a tune I caught on the radio on the way home from work on Wednesday instant. I thought I recognized it, so I looked it up (amazing what the Tube of You can do with a partial lyric). I'm not saying that it may have been my "theme song" back in the day, won't say it wasn't. But seriously I didn't mean to call you that...

Well then,


  1. StB: As in "Blue 6"?

    Second reference to IMAO. Heading over now, will advise on RTB.

  2. Good addition to the sidebar Sarge. More wear & tear on the mouse......good thing I went to rechargeables in it.

  3. Oh, man. I used to read IMAO back in the heady Frank J “Nuke-The-Moon” days. (That, and when he ran a contest for a “T-shirt Babe” to model his swag, and then wound up marrying her. Good times.)

  4. You are so correct, I love it. Thanks!!

  5. To bad that is satire. I need another tie.

  6. Oh no! Another quality blog to add to my bookmarks! Whatever will I do? (John follows your suggestion, reads, and clicks "Bookmark this page.")

    The work/life teeter totter never stays in one place.

    Good post and thank you for the suggestion.

  7. Apparently, the ultra large commentariat from the Chant has overwhelmed the site. Or the site does not like Firefox. I get a problem loading page message.

  8. No need to worry. The large weather balloon retrieval devices are conveniently located all around you.

    IMAO was good, then mellowed, and now has risen to superb.

    And I guess this means I need to work on the juvat challenge.

    1. The "juvat challenge" and "weather balloon retrieval devices" have me wondering, and not a little scared.

      Not sure I want to know...

    2. In the show "The Prisoner," which is about ex-spies being kidnapped and held in a secret location to find out why they left, if a 'resident' of the village runs away, large weather-balloonish things chase the runner down and swallow them and take the runner back to the village, for more questions. No one knows who #1 is, and the hero of the story is, I think #5. And, if I remember correctly, #'s 2-4 keep getting changed out because they are found wanting as to not being able to either keep #5 in the village or find out why #5 left spying.

      Weird BBC show from the 1960's, like, weird. Good, except for the last episode which was supposed to make more sense but just messes everything up even more.

      As to the juvat challenge, on Monday, in the comments, juvat challenged all of us posters (you, Tuna and me) to use some weird word properly somewhere in one of our posts.

      Now you know. So if you're driving by water and see a couple weather balloon looking devices popping up out of said water, you need to run.

    3. I knew that, it was a favorite on AFKN in Korea. I was playing dumb (which I am very good at, one might say I'm a natural... Oh, wait...)

      Oh yes, the juvat big word challenge...

      "The" is a big word, thrice the size of "a."

      Hhmm, maybe I'm not acting.

  9. Imho, IMAO is a funny site! Thanks for finding it for us. I often do a similar lyric search unless I can open Shazam fast enough. That's an app that will listen to the song and tell you the name and artist. In fact I use it enough that I have a youtube playlist I call Shazam, that plays them all in succession. This one is on there, and you'll probably like it:

    1. As I wrote the post I thought of you and Shazam. In Little Rhody one can get one's peepee whacked for using handheld devices while driving. So Shazam isn't an option. I just have to remember, usually I do.

      IMAO good IYHO.

    2. How'dijya like that Diswalla song? Has a little progressive guitar that reminds me of Foo.

    3. They have a nice sound.

      **As he asks himself how he missed that link entirely...**

    4. Same whacking here, but it's easy enough to tap it from the hands-free holder, and I'm often sitting in traffic. Although opening the app and waiting for it to start working (before I miss the song) is another issue.

    5. No hands-free holder here, damn little traffic as well. The fifteen to twenty minute commute to work is short enough to not need to mount the phone in the car. I can be a bit of a Luddite when it comes to cell phones.

  10. Went to the site at your first link and before finishing your post. When the site told me it was serving cookies, I wasn't sure I wanted those for breakfast, so bailed. After finishing your post and reading the comments, I will likely go back to that site after I have had a more nutritious breakfast. By the way, perhaps because of your earlier than usual post, the commenterait started rather early today. And numerous comments as well.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. I've started scheduling the posts a little earlier in the week for a number of reasons, most having to do with me waking up too damned early.

      I no longer get wound up about the cookie thing, good security software makes sure that you only get Oreos and not Sunshine Hydrox (Oreo wannabes).

      The posts over there are hysterical.

    2. Ok, I went to that site and read a number of his posts. Somehow, ( old fart, can't remember anything ) I got to ' Musings of A Stretcher Ape. If anyone who comes to THIS site has not been to MoASA, go there as soon as you can; the information he offers is literally life saving.


    3. Hydrox came first, you know...

    4. They were cheaper than Oreos, so my Mom said we had to have them.

      Scarred for life I was.

      But I got better.

  11. Just wanted to say thank you for the links and everyone's kind words.

    And, wait... does this mean I have to give up being a weird extremist now?

    aw, man...

    1. We'll give you a waiver on that, you're our kind of weird extremist, so in our world you're "normal." (Always with quotes around that word.)

    2. Um, only if juvat, Tuna, OldAFSarge and me, maybe LUSH, have to give up being weird extremists or extremely weirdists.

      And OGf PLQ, that guy needs to clean up his act... :)

    3. We're all "normal."

      Trust us...

  12. Dear Sgt. Comfy Slipper,
    I cast in that fellow's URL and discovered that he had, in fact, sucked my mind dry of sarcasm.
    But, I did need a new tie.
    This is a good one, albeit a bit drastic. But it could work.
    BTW, are you a part of the military industrial complex?

    1. Why yes, yes I am.

      Doing my bit as it were.

      That plan is a tad drastic, but like you say, it could work.


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