Sunday, July 21, 2019

Le Chant du Loup (The Wolf's Call)

Spent part of my Saturday in the OAFS theater (my computer room) staying out of the heat (very hot, almost Mississippi hot) watching films and old Kitchen Nightmares reruns. The film in the post title was one of the things I watched. Worth your time this one is.

From the beginning of the film I was drawn in, the tension was excellent, the action was well paced.

Other than having an LCS* standing in for a Syrian frigate, the movie was very well done.

Did I have a quibble here and there (other than the LCS)? Sure, after all film makers aren't always known for their attention to military accuracy. Their job is to tell an interesting story with characters that (they hope) the audience will care about.

They did just that with Le Chant du Loup. A very entertaining film with a plot which is all too possible in today's insane world.  Good characters, folks you care about, folks you hope survive. You can watch it in the original French (with subtitles) or dubbed in English. I tried it in English, didn't work for me, I had to watch it in French, after all, the sailors are French. Having them speak with American accents just seemed off. (I couldn't watch Das Boot dubbed in English either.)

Anyhoo, I give the film four out of five Phantoms, it was entertaining.

Give it a shot. (Yeah, yeah, it's on Netflix, Obama bad, blah, blah, blah. They still show some excellent films.)

At least the filmmakers found a use for the LCS.

* Littoral Combat Ship, aka Little Crappy Ship. Specifically the Freedom-Class version of those useless vessels.


  1. I see LCS-21, USS Minneapolis-St Paul, was just launched last month. Geez, what a mess of a so-called weapons system. Courtesy of Navy-Natters blog I discovered that there is no drydock capable of supporting the new CVN class(a revealing July 15th post on drydocks). Then there's the costs of the makes me despair at the military's procurement system. Well have to add the above movie to the view rotation, thanks Sarge.

    1. The procurement system is out of control, no other way to describe it.

  2. I will add this to the Netflix queue. Thank you.
    We were watching "The Last Train to Busan" and also found it off-putting that the Republic of Korea actors spoke with US accents.
    On the other hand, the voice dubbing was far better than when we watched foreign language cartoon or films many years ago.

    Our outside thermometer is in the shade of our North facing front porch, and it reported we went over one hundred degrees yesterday.
    In Texas that might just be a cool summer day, but it was plenty hot enough for us.

    I don't miss the heat of the enginerooms and firerooms one little bit.

    My French is limited. But I have mastered the Gallic shoulder shrug.
    Je parle francais pour le travail, and for travel, S'il vous plaît, sans mayonaise.

    1. I do remember watching a John Wayne flick on Okinawa which was dubbed in Japanese. Strange to say the least.

      Stay cool.

  3. This sure looks like one to watch. And buy a copy.

    Has been hot and humid here in the DFW area. Have gotten out in the am to do some yard work. I can tolerate heat to a point, but the humidity does me in. The front lawn is fast approaching 'mow it or bale it' stage. Cooler weather is forecast for Tuesday. Lawn can wait. Besides, I have a new scope on a .22 rifle to zero. Priorities.

    1. The Cold Blue was excellent.

    2. RHT, what kind of scope if you don't mind my asking? Have a Cabelas rinfire scope on a Ruger American rimfire.

    3. Oh, very well. This comes with a story (as do several rifles I own).

      Short version, this is the scope--

      Have it installed, hope to go shoot it this coming week.

      On this rifle (M581, clip fed). I still have this original manual.

      This is my first rife, ever. My Aunt bought it for me when I was in high school. I shot several bricks of ammo through it during that time hunting the sagebrush and juniper of far northern California. At some point, I set it on a bale of hay. My uncle backed his truck into the bale and broke the stock. Ordered a replacement.

      In college, the receiver lug that holds trigger assembly crystallized and broke. Sent it back to Remington for repair. Returned with a new receiver, retained original serial #.

      A few years after my Army hitch (in college again) I decide to clean it. Hey, it's a .22. Who ever cleans those, right?
      This leads in short order the discovery of a "goose egg" in the barrel. Seems at some point I had fired a squib load which left the bullet in the barrel. Following shot, guess what. I consulted a local gunsmith and he laughed. Said he had seen more than one 22 barrel with two or three "goose eggs" and that they shot just fine. Alrighty then.

      Shortly after, I saw an add in 'Shotgun News' for a combo of stock and barrel for the 541-S --

      Both rifles are long since out of production and these are obviously left over parts that have been surplussed out. The asking price is stupid cheap. I'm in.

      So now, decades later, I have finally gotten around to putting all the pieces together. I have a "poor man's" 541-S. I did shoot the rifle last week with and old 4X Herter's scope I have also had forever. Thought I had it bore sighted, but it was off by quite a bit at the range and it took couple of full turns on windage and elevation to bring it in. It was shooting great for a few rounds, then started getting fliers 2 and 3 inched out of the group @ 50yds. All the mounting screws were tight. Likely the tired old Herter's went south. Time for a new scope. Will report back on next range trip.

  4. I'll wait for it to hit cable. Since I'm a dinosaur or something.

    Interesting that the streaming services have become the new satellite services, with new streaming companies all dividing up the available shows to the point that one will have to pay for 4-5 services to get what one wants. And Netflix still hasn't shown a viable profit. Weird that.

    1. Doubt it will hit cable, but ya never know.

    2. Well, then I won't watch it. Simple.

      It is what it is.

      I'll just live my life vicariously through you streamers.

  5. As much as I would like to watch that flick, reading subtitles for 90+ minutes and not able to watch what's going on on the screen might make me pass. I'd rather hear it dubbed than subtitles as I miss too much.


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