Sunday, November 21, 2021

A New Hope- an Empire Starts to Crack

Some Red, White, and Blue for my Muse.

While Sarge and his Muse are taking a little fiction break after his SanDog visit, mine is feeling pretty good despite the train wreck that has been the last 9 months. Monkeys and Footballs come to mind.  My Muse bleeds red white and blue and walks proudly, head held high despite the fact that it seems that the nation's deck is stacked against her.  

It has been a rather eventful last couple of weeks which I will touch upon, highlighting the fact that despite my frequent negativity with the way our nation is going, there are some hints of sanity that bring me a modicum of optimism.

Now mind you, there are still plenty of reasons for me to be torqued off.  Biden's presidency began with a lightning-fast paced rollback of everything that Trump touched.  Even some of the good things that could be considered popular on both sides of the aisle. One that's near and dear to my family was Trump's Executive Order regarding insulin and EpiPens- I have family members that rely on these to stay alive.  My nephew has juvenile diabetes and his family is of meager means, so that executive order on pricing helped them immensely.  For Biden to roll that one back showed just how vindictive the left really is, and possibly how in bed they are with big pharma.  More on that later.

Then came a massive self-induced border crisis followed by a complete and possibly dementia-induced pull-out of Afghanistan, leaving fifteen of our brothers and sisters to die, and 10 innocent civilians caught up in the knee-jerk attempt to make up for that and unsuccessfully save face for the administration.  The careerists at the top of our defense refused to admit that Biden did the opposite of what they had advised, but it was clear that he acted on the belief they they agreed with a complete pull-out.

Then, upsetting Adam Smith, we had a very visible hand interfering with the economy, stifling our oil production, putting people out of work, and creating massive spending bills that are now causing Americans of all classes to reel from the effects.

None of these are good things but I tend to be somewhat of an optimist, believing that Americans are starting to wake up a little.  The media is actually starting to get some spine back, 
questioning the administration on some of those policies, and realizing that middle Americans (and those everywhere else) are hurting.

Over the past few years we've seen far too much gaslighting, with reporters claiming violence is peaceful, voter fraud is nonexistent, and a treatable viral illness is universal death for everyone not seeing how big pharma clearly has our top leaders and the media in its back pocket.

I'm still quite upset at our media, who seem to have lost all sense of curiosity with regards to anything.  There has been no query about what's in the bill, what universal Pre-K really is, what the impact is of these massive spending bills, and why our level of federal debt is at the highest ever recorded in history for any nation on Earth, and if that's a good thing or not.  The media also hasn't asked  why we saw the clear promotion and unquestioned support of false narratives regarding dossiers, investigations, 
FBI biases, international funding of leftist campaigns at the highest levels, and the like.

So America is reeling.  Savings were diminished during COVID shutdowns for those forced out of work, mainly small businesses.  School kids were "protected" from being adequately educated for over a year.  Right now our turkeys and beef and gas are nearly at the highest price levels ever seen in our history, and our spending power for everything is significantly diminished. 

However, on November 2nd, we watched a state that was clearly and deeply blue during the last election, vote for what might be a coming wave of non-politician Republicans, showing a career politician the door.  We have recently had parents push back hard against our schools teaching that everyone of a certain color is a victim and has no way out.  And that transgenderism and gender dysphoria do not need to be allowed into our kids' bathrooms.

And finally we have a Not Guilty verdict on all counts for a young man in Wisconsin who was clearly needing to defend himself, despite prosecutorial misconduct and a biased vitriolic media.  The jury saw the video for what it was, and applied the law as it is supposed to be applied, clearing him of all charges since his life was definitely threatened.  So justice has prevailed.  Why it was ever brought to trial is very clear of course, a knee-jerk attempt to convict before being proven guilty.  And because of a distaste for anything on the right that we hold dear, including justice, the right to bear arms, and common-sense law and order.  That last point may be a little redundant, but we have seen little of it over the past few years, with multiple impeachments based on fraudulent claims, convictions of officers for medically induced deaths, and most recently, a 4 year sentence for a costumed fool for simply walking into a federal building.  The fact that his co-defendants are all in solitary confinement, mostly because of spiteful anger, proves that guilt is too often in the eyes of the beholders (and Justice Department officials) on the left.  Look!  America has political prisoners too! Just like Russia and China!

Media Finally Notice Just How Terrible Kamala Harris Is Doing Source

Something else that gives me hope is that the left, and even Biden's own cabinet, is realizing how incompetent, vapid, and unlikeable our Vice President is.  They now understand how a campaign pick clearly based on checking-the-block demographics, one without a scintilla of political skill and intelligence, has put not only their chances in 2024 in Jeopardy, but it risks the safety and security of our nation.

For the record, Harris has plunged to a 28% approval rating in one recent poll, the lowest in modern history.  So perhaps it’s no surprise that Harris is, as CNN said, citing alleged White House sources, being “sidelined.”   -  Daily Wire

They will of course, have to prop Sleepy Joe back up 
for an election* in a few years, and continue to inject him with whatever chemical lucidity they can find in order to prep him.  But before that, they will lose their shorts at the midterms, since this Congress clearly rubber stamps all those bad ideas that have hurt regular Americans.  I think regular people on the left are starting to realize that their pet projects, like race-baiting and Green New Deals don't help Mom and Dad put food on the table.  People on the right always knew it, but for some RINOs among them, and most moderates and independents, they just might be realizing that a mean-tweeting businessman was probably better than what they have now.  

Maybe there's reason to be hopeful.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

 Lunar Eclipse 11/18/21 Chris Mannerino Photo

*If they don't think Biden's up to it, they sure don't want the VP to be the heir apparent, hence them sidelining her.


  1. I read tonight a real article on instapundit about the death rate in England for the vaccinated being double the rate for the unvaccinated or something like that. I think even that loser Darth would start to begin to sense a disturbance in the force at this point. The media is so in the bag it is no longer amusing. I'm kind of used to brain dead stupid activists with IQs in the room temperature range at place on the polar ice but everybody on the left and their media is taking it an order of magnitude to the stupid, uninformed and ignorant and they're the ones that bandy the term 'misinformation'. It really would be to laugh but my ammo stocks are low.

  2. Have you not noticed that Nadler wants the FedPigs to now go after Mr. Rittenhouse. Of course, I am certain that we can expect the FBI and the DoJ to act appropriately in that matter, based on their long-standing past performance. Do you not agree???

    1. I have this gut feeling, that just for effect, an FBI SWAT team with CNN in tow will raid the house where Kyle Rittenhouse is on Thanksgiving. The FBI will have some faked civil (not criminal) charges to arrest him on. The FBI may come in with guns blazing since they "know" Kyle could be armed and dagerous.

    2. That wouldn't surprise me, but Biden is on record saying we must accept the jury's finding.

    3. If I were Mr R. I would go into hiding for the time being.

    4. That was earl in the day, before he had been filled with chemical lucidity by his handlers. ;)

  3. minor prediction here )just to get it on the record)... shortly after new years, harris is replaced. might be campaign donation issues, or a sex scandal.
    replacement will probably be the georga hippo, stacy abrams.
    they will keep slo joe around until late janurary 2023, after the mid term blood bath, and until abrams can fill his term and still run for TWO TERMS herself.
    but by then, abrams getting honestly elected will be a delusion

    1. She's too damaged. I think it will be the Mooch, since she's basically been out of the news and Harris and Jill Biden have taken her spot, and right now even the leftwing media are savaging Harris like a rat-terrier with, well, a rat.

    2. But Stacey Abrams brings nothing to the table either. I don't think she even holds elected office right now, and she lost that election they were hoping would elevate her profile.

    3. All she's been doing is being as dumb as Maxine Waters without the position.

  4. Hey Tuna;

    Dang, Both Bill and Cannon both made good predictions, and unfortunately I can see them happening. First the totally venal DOJ doing something like that, after Project Veritias and the material the feebies seized magically made their way to the NYTimes.....Go Figure. I also remember their raid on Roger Stone a couple of years ago, somehow CNN got the notification and was there with a news crew. And Also with Stacy Abrams, she checks all the boxes that the Usurpers handlers require to be a VEEP, so yeah I can see it.

  5. Well said, hopefully things will improve.

    I place no credence in any predictions.

    1. The smarter thing for the Democrats to do would be to dump both Biden and Harris, but I'm not sure they are that smart, nor do they have anyone that might attract some votes of the Independents and moderates.

  6. Harris was selected as Biden's running mate for the same reason Biden was selected as Obama's running mate. She is not a threat to the president.

    Someone so unlikable she couldn't even make it to a primary. Someone so unlikable she raised less money than many loony-leftists.

    Repeat - selected because she wasn't a threat to an old mentally deficient pedophilic liar (who, when he was made VP, made Barky the Lightbringer look, well, much better.) She's there as a reverse carrot. Whack or get rid of the Alzheimer's in Chief and we get... her. Oh, God no! (With Biden as VP, it was, whack or get rid of Barky and you get Biden. Oh, God no!)

    Simple simple. The same thing that has ruined so many corporate America jobs. De boss he no select someone smart as or smarter dan he, oh no, de boss he select someone stupider and more incompetent dan he, so he (de boss) don't get no showed up by his underling. Underling, being stupider and more incompetent dan de boss, he (underling) selects someone stupider and more incompetent, and so on and so forth.

    It was obvious that by selecting Harris, they were selecting a short-timer position-filling useless meat puppet. It's who replaces her that will be interesting. Someone who is slick and competent (and evil as the Devil himself) who will make no waves and will politely wait for Biden to make it 2 yeas and 1 day into his residency, so that the new VP will have 1 year and 365 days (not a full 2 years due to leap year) and thus be eligible for 2 full terms as President.

    What we are seeing with Harris and the new VP is the Baron Harkonnen choice. Send the Beast Raban in to torture and screw up bigtime and then send in pretty Feyd Rautha in to be the 'savior' (even though The Beast Raban is just a sick murdering fool, Feyd Rautha is the truly dangerous one as he (Feyd) is very competent. Insane, socio/psychopathic, conniving, positively Byzantine in thought patterns, and evil as, well, the Devil.)

    And Biden is just a meat puppet. Was before the election, is getting worse now.

  7. And on a different note, for the most part prices on food down here in Florida are roughly the same as last year. Even our regional supermarket chain, Publix, has store-brand (and better than national brand) turkeys for $.49/lb, turkey breasts for $1.49/lb.

    Gas is up to Obama-Presidency levels, but hasn't gone, yet, to Califrutopian levels.

    As to the insulin thing, yeah, went from $35/month (once the out-of-pocket for meds was reached) to $55 or more.

    Your (Tuna) friend, if they qualify and make a certain level of income or less, can qualify for some prescription assistance through the company. If dealing with them directly is too Byzantine (seems to be today's 'word of the day' for me) there are companies like Simplefill that charge a monthly fee to do all the bothering and processing. Worth it for multiple different prescriptions, but not just one or two. Have your friend check out with the company that the insulin is from, usually there's a patient assistance program and it can be found on the web-page. Required disclosing amount of income, and dealing with the issuing doctor, but it's not too hard for one or two scripts.

    1. Thanks Beans. Not sure I completely understand what you said in the first comment, but I'll have my S.I.L. check out the Rx assistance. As for the inflation out here, it's bad. I heard some news casting idiot claim that it's not that bad because we all have so much saved up from covid!

    2. Basically, with the first comment (if it's the Harris is dumber than Biden) I'm saying, well, Harris is dumber and less lovable than Biden.

      If it's about the price of turkeys in Florida? Well, I'm saying that in lots of America, food's not that bad. Oh, it's that bad, but not as bad as you poor bastards trapped in California

  8. Despite all the misery going on in the world, We still can be happy with our friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  9. Tuna - There is an old Scot's Gaelic proverb the runs in English:

    "I married a trollop for her gear;
    Her gear is gone, but she's still here."

    This is, I think, what has started to happen. People that voted unthinkingly "Because" are suddenly realizing that the choice they made is not a great one - in fact it is a very bad one and, two years or ten years hence, will be revealed to be much, much worse. The CBO has currently stated our new "plan" will increase the Federal Deficit by $470 Billion. It is all fun and games until someone has to pay the bill - and the someones will be, among others, the very people that enabled this sort of thing.

    If we last that long. My fear is that we have largely become a thin mirage that will shatter into a million pieces when actually stressed.

    1. Beucail, I'm in violent agreement. We're not the military force that we once were, and would take severe losses if we had to get into a Naval battle. We're also not the bastion of freedom, that we once were. Sure, people still want to come here, but the freedom and prosperity they wish for is hard to find and elusive. Eventually, the prosperity will be gone because of our massive debt that we'll never be able to pay back.

    2. Tuna, I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I trow that if the economic incentive disappears and the freedoms are gone, we will no longer be a destination for the best and brightest. Ask nation-states in decline what that is like.

      I am no military expert, but I cannot think myself of a military force that valued everything and anything except effective warfare that was successful.

    3. Some of us here are somewhat experts and we would agree.


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